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Dear PoliceOne Member,

In today’s news lineup is an item about NYPD preventing rallies from becoming riots. With one side shouting, "No clubhouse for terrorists" and the other side chanting, "Fascists go home," those cops were right in the middle - where police officers need to be when working a crowd.

Check out Dan Marcou’s column on the topic in this issue.

Doug Wyllie, PoliceOne Senior Editor

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Featured News
An order apparently circulated after the hurricane authorizing cops to shoot looters. Some refused; others saw it as a fundamental change in standards.
Video: Captain breaks silence
Today's Top Stories:
Denver official quits amid PD videos:
Two videos of alleged police beatings have sparked controversy in the city
Alaska customs agent's body found:
His department vehicle went down a 200-foot embankment more than a month ago
Chicago is running out of would-be cops
Tunnel to Mexico discovered in Ariz.
Predicting crimes before they're committed
FBI joins search for escaped Colo. inmate
Police hit college football player with TASER after drunk, naked trespass
NY cop files suit over use of 'c-word'
Video: Russian cop hits man with baton
Cops quell Ground Zero mosque rallies
PoliceOne Exclusive
No warrantless GPS devices on cars
By Ken Wallentine, PoliceOne Contributor
A decision by the Court of Appeals in Washington, DC will stop the warrantless placement of GPS tracking devices on cars, which sets up a possible Supreme Court case ...
Confusion in law enforcement circles
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Knock, knock. Anybody home?
Intelligence suggested that a security bar was being used to bolt this door’s lock to the floor. Breaching rounds to the hinges fixed that.
Drunk driver hits Utah squad head-on
A Utah Highway Patrol trooper is recovering after a head-on collision with a car that was headed the wrong way on an interstate. The allegedly drunk driver was arrested.
PoliceOne Exclusive
Leave your political opinions at home
By Lt. Dan Marcou, PoliceOne Columnist
When a rally can become a riot, police officers are the men and women in the middle, protecting demonstrators’ right to assemble and maintaining peace in the community ...
'Opinions are like...'
PoliceOne Exclusive
Jails are the Jihadist jack-in-the-box
By PoliceOne Senior Editor Doug Wyllie
A huge percentage of prison inmates at the state and local level will be coming out one day — and some of them could be seduced by radicalized Islamist militants ...
Is prison a breeding ground?
Tactical Tip
Hitting a less-than-ideal target
A center-mass delivery is obviously ideal, but in active-shooter situations, it’s not always possible. Sometimes a shot to the knee, arm or leg is your best option ... Train accordingly
Video News
3 Milwaukee teens shoot at 2 cops
Two Milwaukee officers on foot patrol approached a suspicious vehicle in a dark alley. A sawed-off shotgun was poked from the window and then fired at the officers.
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