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Dear PoliceOne Member,

We’re happy to announce the arrival of the newest member of the PoliceOne editorial team. Justin Cox is responsible for bringing breaking news and other quality police content to the site.

Justin will be working directly with law enforcers on the street to get the latest news, and he'd love your help. Please don’t hesitate to email him if you have a news tip you'd like him to pursue, or see an interesting article or video missing from the site.

Doug Wyllie, PoliceOne Senior Editor

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Featured News
James Lee held a group of people hostage building before a tactical team shot and killed him.
Aimed gun at hostage
Today's Top Stories:
Number of illegals in US now declining:
It's the first drop in 20 years, as far fewer workers are crossing the border for jobs
Drinking and driving in Montana:
The Old West culture has retreated since a cop was killed by a drunk driver last year
Burning Man fans say cops are too rough
Medic on trial for stopping cop's TASER use on suicidal woman
NY cop accused of not aiding dying girl
Muslim group sues Ill. police department
Calif. gang member faces life in prison for attempted cop-kill
9/11 led Chicago techie to become cop
Calif. men toss weed into warden's truck
PoliceOne Exclusive
A small-town deputy’s first call
By Charles Remsberg, PoliceOne Columnist
Rural cops are required to fill many different needs while covering a lot of ground. Kevin Crites learned that on the first call of his law enforcement career, as shotgun pellets whizzed over his head ...
No time for complacency
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Russian cops criticized for rally abuse
Dozens of police officers heavily cordoned off the square where the rally was held and hauled away protesters as they chanted "Down with the police state!" and "Russia without Putin!"
Ford adds Explorer SUV for police
Built to get at least a 20 percent gas-mileage boost over the Crown Vic and carry up to 800 pounds of guns, ammo, suspects or K-9s.
PoliceOne Exclusive
Okla. cop saved by his body armor
By Justin Cox, PoliceOne Staff
The passenger opened the back window of his truck and fired four rounds into the deputy’s chest. The offficer pursued the vehicle until the pain in his chest became unbearable ...
A story of survival
Tactical Tip
Being prepared for the unexpected
Your average nine-to-five worker doesn’t have to anticipate an explosive-wielding gunman like the one who took a group of hostages today. Your average cop does. Are you ready? ...
3 keys to remember
Video News
Mountain lion shot, killed by Calif. cops
Police gunned down a 100-pound mountain lion romping through a Berkeley, California neighborhood, just blocks from many homes and popular restaurants.
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