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Dear PoliceOne Member,

We’ve received a video from a number of our friends that we think merits attention, so we’ve uploaded it to the secure section on BLUtube. Be advised that the video is graphic and should only be seen only at the viewer’s discretion.

One sender writes, “Happens fast, doesn’t it?” and another says the clip “gives us a lot to consider about multi-suspect assaults, off-duty carry, and shot placement.”

We post this to reinforce the wining mindset that enables law enforcers to stay in the fight, and not just win, but prevail. Stay safe.

Doug Wyllie, PoliceOne Senior Editor

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Featured News
A group of former California law enforcement officials have endorsed a ballot measure that would legalize marijuana in the state.
Illegal pot props up cartels
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Heart issue killed SC man, not TASER:
Died of physical exertion as well as cardiac arrhythmia caused by an enlarged heart
Bar fight leads to Okla. officer's death:
He hit his head on the floor during the fight and died at a hospital that afternoon
Giuliani: Feds should police gangs
Border cops fire into Mexico in bust
Va. cop dies while deep-water diving
Retired cops run Tenn. meth task force
Colo. man gets DUI in car and squad
Ex-Utah cop faces 5 years for theft
NY cop impersonator stops detective
Pa. teacher sells pot to undercover officer, gets arrested
PoliceOne Exclusive
Breaking through to delusional EDPs
By Charles Remsberg, PoliceOne Columnist
In Homer’s distorted mind, the giant thunderhead clouds above the Arizona desert were the buttocks of “Mother God,” coming down to suck him into her enormous anus ...
Dealing with the delusional
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Graphic: 2 assailants, 1 victim
This secure video of two men shooting and killing another man is graphic and should be watched only at the viewer’s discretion.
Man breaks glass, jumps from squad
One of New Mexico’s most dangerous criminals throws his body against the back window of a squad car, shattering the glass. He then jumps out the moving vehicle and attempts to flee.
Tactical Tip
A little support goes a long way
When a cop goes through a major incident like an officer-involved shooting, the slightest act of support on a fellow officer's part can have a huge effect on his/her emotional wellbeing ...
'We’re with you, buddy'
Video News
ACLU official sues Tenn. PD
An ACLU official is suing the Jackson Police Department after being arrested while watching police detain a man in 2007.
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