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Dear PoliceOne Member,

In early August, Washington State Trooper Brian Salyer encountered a group of motorcyclists — increasingly brazen in their driving because they know a single patrol car is no match for their high-speed bikes — and ended up overturned in a ditch beside the interstate. Happily, he was released from the hospital after being treated for traumatic head injuries and a laceration to an artery in his neck, but bad guys on bikes pose myriad dangers.

Today, Andrew Hawkes asks our members for help with the question, “What can we do?

Doug Wyllie, PoliceOne Senior Editor

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Officers Sean Alivera and Christopher Luciano robbed an undercover cop of 20 pounds of pot and $3,000 cash Monday. Rooting out the bad apples
Today's Top Stories:
LA police trainee shot clerk, not robber:
Fired eight times at a liquor store manager after mistaking the man's finger for a gun
Calif. driver rams, drags motorcycle cop:
The injured cop was dragged across two lanes of traffic by a driver of a stolen van
Budget knife falls on police training
'Disabled' Calif. chief rode bike and ran
Half of 392,000 deportees were criminals
Man tells cops coke in butt is not his
Black judge: No plea deal for 'white boy' who fought cops
Video: Fla. gunman kills father, self
Girlfriend calls 911 on pot-smoking beau
Man brings grenade to police station
PoliceOne Exclusive
'Crotch rockets' and high-speed chases
By Lt. Andrew Hawkes, P1 Contributor
Some departments don't even allow cops to pursue perpetrators riding high-speed motorcycles. The increasing problem is that these criminals know it ...
Up the street without a helicopter
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Veteran officer fired after traffic stop
When dash-cam video of this traffic stop was made public, the officer was fired and the woman received a six-figure settlement.
Controversial TASER use in Australia
A video of Australian police hitting an unarmed man 13 times with a TASER was made public Monday. It has raised questions about appropriate use of the device.
PoliceOne Exclusive
Science, liability, and suffocation
By Dr. Darrell L. Ross, PoliceOne Contributor
Since 1983, police have prevailed slightly more than 50 percent of the time in cases involving restraint asphyxiation (obstructing the airway), but data shows that cops are losing more and more frequently ...
Wrongful sudden death
Tactical Tip
Train for explosive movement
Ultimate Fighting Championship record-holder Randy Couture says nothing about fighting is long and slow. “It’s more about short, explosive bursts, so I train my body accordingly" ...
Training for a fight
Video News
Officers remember cop killed on bike
Hundreds of people remembered a Louisville Metro police officer who was killed by a hit-and-run driver while cycling after a training exercise in Kentucky.
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