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Featured News
Officer Brian Dorian is “devastated” by the first-degree murder charge that was wrongfully filed against him last week, his attorneys say ...
‘Outrageous from the start’
Today's Top Stories:
Ivy League professor sues 'hero' cop:
Hip-hop intellectual says cop searched his car without a warrant, violating his rights
Drunk driver runs red, kills Texas cop:
The driver was arrested and charged with intoxicated manslaughter
NY cop shoots steak-knife-wielding crook
2 NJ cops charged in corruption case
National LEO Museum breaks ground
NYPD: $1 billion in payouts in 10 years
Coast Guard cop dies while training
Ariz. cop killer gets 100 years in prison
Cop tickets 82-year-old driving 110 mph
PoliceOne Exclusive
How to discipline a 'sexting' cop
By Richard Davis, PoliceOne Contributor
Imagine a lieutenant in your department has sent sexually explicit text messages to a victim in a domestic violence case he was working. You confront the lieutenant and he admits to sending the messages ...
What should you do?
Sponsored by: Safariland
Greek protesters clash with cops
Riot police have clashed with protesting workers barricading Greece's ancient Acropolis, using tear gas to clear the demonstrators from the entrance to one of Greece's most famous ancient sites.
'Transformers' car hits DC squad
The Washington set of 'Transformers 3' became the scene of a real collision when a car featured in the movie accidentally slammed into a police car. Apparently, the officer was following an ambulance to an emergency call.
PoliceOne Exclusive
The officer-prosecutor divide
By Lance Eldridge, PoliceOne Contributor
Conflict between cops and prosecutors is indicative of the checks and balances in our criminal justice system. While cops worry that prosecutors don't make public safety enough of a priority, prosecutors may view more arrests as an increase in workload ...
Develop common goals
P1 First Person
Dash-cam (in)justice
By David Demurjian, PoliceOne Member
The public often views police videos before the official investigation is complete. They assume the clipped-down newscast version of the video, depicting only the parts where the officer uses force, is a full account of the story ...
Breaking down the video
Video Tip
Searching for concealed weapons

Betsy Brantner Smith discusses the plus-one rule and offers some thoughts on how to really get into the spaces in which bad guys are most likely to be carrying a concealed weapon ...

Frisk women
P1 Member Photo of the Week
Chupacabra (Goat sucker)
Sgt. Eric M. Bruss of the Santa Fe (Texas) PD writes that “Bor,” his dual-use (narcotics/ patrol) Belgian Malinois, is affectionately known as ‘Chupacabra.’

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