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Three men are suspected of beheading an Arizona man in what cops think could be the latest case of Mexican cartel violence spilling over the border ...
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Today's Top Stories:
Cop's fire rescue turns to police ambush:
The suicidal man shot the officer in the chest after he entered the burning home
Calif. cop, 2 others dead after standoff:
Eight-hour siege ended with the death of the suspected cop killer and another person
3 deputies shot by Fla. hostage taker
FBI tells DC-area gunman to surrender
Cop hit by drunk driver last week dies
Suspicious items found in US, UK planes
Serial stabber attacks Mich. officer
Teen sets chicken on fire, goes to jail
Reno Walmart employee shoots three co-workers in store
PoliceOne Exclusive
The vampire and the rookie cop
By Duane Wolfe, PoliceOne Contributor
I slammed his back so hard against the car, I thought he might be paralyzed. But as I approached, his eyes shot open – just like vampires do in the movies when they wake up in their coffins ... Fighting a monster
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Cops vs. Ninja
This aggressive man, dressed like a ninja, put up a long fight with the cops. "I’m going to get you motherf*ckers," he yelled after he was finally arrested. "You can’t stop me."
Monster Mash - by Kenosha PD
The Kenosha Police Department made this video that follows a rookie cop on Halloween street patrol, during which the rookie makes his first arrest. The suspect? Frankenstein!
PoliceOne Exclusive
Truly understanding excited delirium
By Jerry Staton, PoliceOne Contributor
Handling suspects with excited delirium requires not only police skills, but also EMS and fire-rescue tactics. Whether the suspect is mentally ill or under the influence of drugs, cross-training on the part of law enforcement is vital ... Unfortunate deaths
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P1 First Person
If it were easy, anyone could do it
By Sgt. Ti Goetz, Hawthorne (Calif.) PD
My childhood hero was John Wayne. His character in “Sands of Iwo Jima” inspired me to become a Marine. 30 years have since passed, 16 as a law officer. As I enter the hallowed halls of administration, I can’t help but look back with a critical eye ... Did I make a difference?
Video Tip
Taking proper care of your firearm

If you’re carrying in a traditional holster, try not to knock the rear sight out of alignment. If you’re carrying concealed, avoid accumulating dust ...
P1 Member Photo of the Week
Night shoot
Inv. Kara Longoria writes: "This is a photo taken of me on our department firing range. We were having a 'night shoot' for firearms training."

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