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Semi-trucks have been forced to park as cops search for a big-rig driver who they believe shot and killed a police officer after a traffic stop. Manhunt is on
Today's Top Stories:
NC gang files complaint against cops:
The Latin Kings street gang says the department has repeatedly harassed them
Video: Riots follow Mehserle sentencing: More than 150 were arrested as the crowd broke windows and knocked down fences
Chicago cops: Test at 21, join force at 25
Calif. dept. gets first female Asst. Chief
Texas cop accused of sexual assault stays on duty
Video: German cops at nuclear protest
Man facing 5th DUI: 'Slap the cuffs on!'
Man gets life for NJ schoolyard killings
Featured News
The BART cop's 2-year sentence
By Capt. Greg Meyer, PoliceOne Columnist
Mehserle’s defense counsel said that the Alameda County DA is to blame for prosecuting an obvious accident as a murder case with no evidence whatsoever that this was an intentional act ... Breach of ethics
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Drunk biker runs from cops
This man in California drove his motorcycle 120 miles per hour during a police chase. Cops learned he was intoxicated right after he sideswiped an SUV and tumbled from his bike.
French cops training K-9s
These clips feature police officers in France training and testing an impressively fast and aggressive K-9 unit.
Featured Book Excerpt
Building a Better Gunfighter
In Fairburn's new book, he will not tell you what weapon to carry, nor the specifics of how to shoot it. He has tried almost every technique during his long career and has come to the conclusion that almost any style will work ... Marksmanship, mechanics, and mindset
Tactical Tip
Avoid multi-tasking behind the wheel
The more our brain doing, the less capable it is to perform each task. Although hands-free devices allow you the continued use of your hands, the act of speaking still depletes attention resources ... Our misunderstanding
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