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The FBI-NYPD Terrorism Task force responded after a dance troupe dressed in camouflage ditched their cars and sprinted through the Lincoln Tunnel to try and make a TV appearance ...
Did they make it?
Today's Top Stories:
Officer's quick action helps save child:
The veteran cop performed CPR on the boy after a frantic mom flagged him down
Man kills baby in standoff, gets prison:
Will get 25 years to life for shooting his 3-month-old son in front of state troopers
Cop gored in groin by bull nearly died
Video: Seattle PD investigates cop who kicked teen
Cops use Facebook to catch college bomb-threat suspect
Corrupt DC-area officers get indicted
Ga. immigration policing laws proposed
TSA: New pat-downs are more invasive
Lady kicks cop during Breathalyzer test
PoliceOne Exclusive
Terrorists entering from Mexico
By PoliceOne Senior Editor Doug Wyllie
P1 member Michael Salvatore, a retired cop who has been working in homeland security since 2000, says: "Law enforcement officers in the U.S. will soon face a new enemy: The small-unit, small-weapons assault experienced by India in Mumbai ..." OTMs and SIAs in the USA
Sponsored by: Safariland
2 dogs shot in drug search warrant
Mo. cops enter a suspected drug dealer's house and shoot two dogs (a caged Pit-bull and a Corgi) before detaining the suspect and finding small amounts of marijuana.
Drunken man falls twice in interview
He tumbles once as he tries to give the cop his license and again when he’s asked to stand up. "You’re going to have to quit doing that," the officer tells him after the second tumble.
PoliceOne Exclusive
Connecting with senior citizens
By Rob Hall, PoliceOne Contributor
One of the greatest fears among senior citizens is isolation. Implementing a program to combat those fears serves a crucial role in the police mission. Visit social-service providers, houses of worship, and food banks ... Locate the elderly
P1 First Person
Surviving tough economic times
By Sgt. John Bermel, Apple Valley PD
When times get tough, salaries and benefits become stagnant, training budgets shrink, and the equipment we take for granted is suddenly gone. How do we create an environment that will sustain us through such hardship? ... It's in our values
Video Tip
Preparing yourself for winter patrol

P1 Columnist Dave Smith discusses the use of firearms and other equipment after the ground gets icy and you’re wearing gloves while bundled up in a parka ...
Winterize yourself
P1 Member Photo of the Week
In Nairobi, Kenya
Sgt. John Bermel of the Apple Valley, (Minn.) PD (left) stands with P1 Member Gitahi Kanyeki (right) and other cops at a seminar in Nairobi.

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