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Hundreds of cops near Moab National Park in Utah are searching for a man suspected of shooting a park ranger in the arm, leg and abdomen during a traffic stop. Hot on his trail
Today's Top Stories:
Texas man kills ex-governor's son, fires AK-47 at officers: He fired 36 rounds on cops before a sniper took him out
Murder charge years after cop's death:
The deputy died from injuries related to the shooting that took place 30 years earlier
Sharpton, NYPD try to get guns off street
Anger with Ariz. law hits Latin America
State, federal marijuana laws collide
Pat down leaves man covered in urine
NM cop honored for foiling murder plot
Ohio mom gave marijuana to toddler
Ga. cops want to enforce immigration
PoliceOne Exclusive
Suspects with physical disabilities
By Ed Flosi, PoliceOne Contributor
Officers must be taught how to make reasonable accommodations when arresting a person with physical disabilities. Failing to provide this training could open agencies up to a lawsuit if a situation goes bad ...
Handcuffing a prosthetic limb
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Shirtless boy resists TSA pat down
A YouTube video showing a shirtless young boy resisting a pat-down at Salt Lake City's airport has added to the criticism facing transit security this week.
Cops in Ohio TASER DUI suspect
Police in Ohio use a TASER on a woman they arrested on suspicion of drunk driving. In this surveillance video, you see her tumble to the floor and hit her head on a chair.
PoliceOne Exclusive
Legal pot debate continues... Why?
By Andrew Hawkes, PoliceOne Contributor
I believe that marijuana will become legal during my lifetime, but I don’t expect it to solve our problems. Crime will always be associated with drugs, whether they're legal or not. That’s where our focus should be...
Would legal pot hurt cartels?
Featured Tip
Attention, curiosity, and interdiction
Attention to detail and a persistent curiosity are vital traits for any interdiction agent. Pay close attention and approach every stop as an opportunity to surface much more than a speeding ticket ... Big-rig example
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