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Dear PoliceOne Member,

PoliceOne wishes all law enforcers a happy and safe Thanksgiving Holiday. For those of you out on patrol this weekend, stay safe and vigilant. For those who can spend some time with family, travel well and safely.

Doug Wyllie, PoliceOne Senior Editor
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Featured News
Deputy Sam Brownlee (right) was shot and killed while attempting to capture a suspect (Ruben Reyes, left) following a high-speed chase. Reyes also died in the gun battle that followed a pursuit that at times had reached 100 mph.
Cop killer was wanted in DV case
Today's Top Stories:
Slain CPD cop had earned 84 awards:
David Blake, who was murdered in his car, was a member of Chicago PD SWAT team.
N.M. officer resigns over sex tapes:
Cop faces decertification after supervisors found videos on a department computer.
Fla. woman arrested for threatening schools
LAPD cop was surprised by her arrest
Cop camera catches man trying to steal cop camera
Fla. county considers merging police, firefighting to save money
20 agencies respond to mock attack on Calif. dam
FBI: Hate crime incidents down
Slain man's estate sues NY police
PoliceOne Exclusive
Keeping your perspective on patrol
By Brian Willis, PoliceOne Contributor
Although it's hard to not take personally all of the insults and the verbal and physical attacks, it's important to understand that it's not about you — it's about the other person’s rage, biases, anger, fears, and other issues ...
Remaining professional is a personal choice
P1 First Person
How does your DT program stack up?
By Det. Jeff Paynter, Lakewood (Wash.) PD
On 11/29/09, four of my partners were murdered in Lakewood, Washington. In the aftermath of this event, I talked with a fellow DT instructor who confided in me that he felt we had failed our fallen officers with the training we had provided ... Passing the 'Pavement Test'
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Terror threat on the border
According to WSB-TV Atlanta, a man named Ahmed Muhammad Dhakane secreted hundreds of Somalis associated with al-Shabaab into the United States.
Struck by a car but lived
This officer was struck by a passing car during a traffic stop at night. He is lucky that he was not seriously injured.
PoliceOne Exclusive
Review: Building a Better Gunfighter
By Lt. Dan Marcou, PoliceOne Columnist
The book Building a Better Gunfighter is a unique accomplishment. Dick Fairburn has managed to write a book full of rock-solid tactics and techniques for preparing to win gunfights, winning gunfights, and then surviving the aftermath of gunfights ...
Marksmanship, mechanics, and mindset
Tactical Tip
Training for O.C. reality
Avoid falling into the trap of believing that just because you sprayed a combative or otherwise resistant suspect he’ll be too overwhelmed by the gas to continue his resistance ...
Fight despite coughing, choking
Video News
Man strips down to 'Speedo' at TSA checkpoint

A college student posted a video of himself on the Internet stripping down to a Speedo bathing suit at the Salt Lake City airport in a protest of security patdowns.
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