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After a wrecked vehicle burst into flames, a responding trooper ordered everyone to back away and then fired two shots into the window before pulling her out ... Dash-cam video
Today's Top Stories:
Mont. cop shot, killed on roadside:
Little is known about the cop's encounter with the shooter, who was later found dead
Cop killer puts weed pics on Facebook:
Photos show him in his prison cell with a bong, a bottle of booze, and a bag of weed
Chuck Norris is an honorary Texas Ranger
Dad's video key in boy's gun-show death
BART cop Mehserle seeks bail
Dad: Ill. cops forced murder confession
After PETA complaint, NYPD tries a better mousetrap
Man charged with cocaine possession denies hitting cop with bottle
Audio: Someone stole my snowman!
PoliceOne Exclusive
Studies should explain why cops die
By Joel F. Shults, PoliceOne Contributor
LEOK (LEOs Killed) seminars are valuable, but they do little to predict or prevent future deaths. For example, finding that 10 percent of cars in crashes are yellow doesn’t mean that removing yellow paint will reduce crashes by 10 percent ...
The Fallacy of the Reluctant Warrior
Sponsored by: Safariland
PoliceOne Academy Promo
The PoliceOne Academy is your online solution for training and education. With access to more than 350 high definition videos featuring some of the most renowned experts, it will improve performance and increase officer safety.
Man steals car with baby inside
The parents snapped into action after the unidentified man jumped into the running 1997 Pontiac Grand Am and attempted to drive off with 6-month-old girl. Police are still searching for him.
PoliceOne Exclusive
Top tactical gifts for law officers
By Lindsey Bertomen, PoliceOne Contributor
The holidays are my favorite time of the year because I get to share all the coolest tools and toys on my Christmas list. This year, I looked at essentials that make the job easier and safer ... Do you have any gift ideas?
P1 First Person
Making every sacrifice matter
By Officer Jon Tish, Spearfish (SD) PD
South Dakota is a great place to be a cop. Defined by thousands of miles of crops and prairies, it's beautiful and safe. When a deputy was shot and killed in 2009, officers in the tight-knit state thought: This kind of thing doesn’t happen in South Dakota ... Every single life
Video Tip
OC blast-ball grenade crowd control

OC grenades are an effective force option to consider when SWAT is not available and verbal commands and liquid OC projectors are no longer effective ...
Thunder and lightning
P1 Member Photo of the Week
Wet one!
Captain Gerald Forbes of the Biloxi (Miss.) PD writes, "This unmarked unit 'found' a hidden pond on an abandoned golf course" during a search.

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