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Dear PoliceOne Member,

We’ve seen an uptick in activity by non-LEOs on the PoliceOne Facebook Fan Page. Although most of the people who choose to become “Fans” of PoliceOne on Facebook are supporters and like-minded thinkers, some are just jerks intent on getting a rise out of officers. Unlike the PoliceOne website itself, where we confirm law enforcement status and have tight control over members’ activity, Facebook is the ultimate arbiter of membership on Facebook Fan Sites.

We diligently monitor comments made on Facebook, and “Flag” as many inappropriate posts as we can, but we also appreciate your vigilance in keeping unwanted individuals off that page. If you see a person you think should be removed, please "Flag" their comments as inappropriate and report them to Facebook for punitive action. You can also "Block" their activity on their Profile page (click on their username) so you simply don't see those posts anymore.

In the end, try to not let these jerks bait you into posting something you’d not ordinarily post, and please email us directly with specific concerns. For more on what we're doing to address the problem, read a letter from our edtiorial director.

Doug Wyllie, PoliceOne Senior Editor
Featured News
Henry Michael Gargano murdered two cops during a 1967 bank robbery. The 78-year-old, who said in 1981 that he doesn’t "feel any remorse for those dead cops," is scheduled for parole next Monday. Prevent his release
Today's Top Stories:
Miss. deputy shot, killed in domestic:
The suspect was arrested and charged with capital murder for killing the 7-year veteran
Video: Teen rams cops with dump truck:
The 17-year-old boy hit two cruisers and reportedly took aim at a third in the pursuit
Md. drunk-and-armed cop rule debated
Hurt cop fights for workers' insurance
Ill. cop hit with own TASER in struggle
NYPD boss defends 'Draconian' World Trade Center security plan
Calif. teacher helping kids as a cop
Case alleges baton sodomy by NYPD cops
SWAT raid Ariz. smugglers' drop house, find 10 kids
PoliceOne Exclusive
Mercy for an old, sick inmate?
By Charles Remsberg, PoliceOne Columnist
Henry Gargano has shown "clear conduct" in prison for more than a decade. So, is it time to start showing a little compassion? Isn’t justice supposed to be tempered with mercy? Oh wait, did I mention that he killed two cops? ...
Let's roll back the tape
PoliceOne Exclusive
The 12 'Knights' of Christmas
By Lt. Dan Marcou, PoliceOne Columnist
While there are countless compelling stories of "ordinary" officers across the country doing extraordinary things, these 12 stories from each month of 2010 highlight some of the most inspiring examples of our profession at its best ...
The year that was
Sponsored by: Safariland
K-9 in hot pursuit?
We're not sure what country this video comes from, but the K-9 is clearly more interested in having a good time than he is in catching the suspect.
Spanish cop saves man from train
A drunken man who fell from a subway platform in Madrid was rescued by an off-duty police officer just seconds before a train came.
PoliceOne Exclusive
'Mean Streets' are getting meaner!
By Richard Fairburn, PoliceOne Columnist
You've heard the expression, "Things were tougher when I was young." Well, as far as cops being killed, that's not the case. On the contrary, the "bad old days" of police-involved shootings are happening right now... Get pissed off!
Featured Tip
Keep your feet warm and dry
First you need a a good pair of socks, preferably with at least 50 percent wool. Next you need a good boot, preferably not a pair from the sale rack at K-Mart ...
Shine your shoes
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