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 Are you ready to explain an OIS?
 Connecting the dots of violent behavior
Week 520 - Dec. 17, 2010
Featured News
A man tried to rob a cash register at a Walgreens store in Ohio while a cop stood directly behind him, waiting to collect surveillance footage from an earlier robbery. Hammer and backpack
Today's Top Stories:
Man who shot Wash. cop set to go free: PoliceOne members have the ability to help keep the convicted felon behind bars
Perp gets NY judge's sympathy, not cop: Officer survived because a fellow cop used his belt as a tourniquet in the gun battle
 Video: Rioters toss bombs at Greek cops
 US, Mexico meet over border violence
 NM officer's obstruction trial goes to jury
 Calif. cops face heat for civilian shootings
 Atlanta cops arrest 246 in 7-day sweep
 NY drive-by shooter gets 384 years
 SWAT Santa descends upon Los Angeles
 Video: Pro hockey team stages fake police chase
PoliceOne Exclusive
Are you ready to explain an OIS?
By Roy Bedard, PoliceOne Contributor
Justification for using deadly force must explain the officer's reasonable belief that his life or the life of another was in imminent danger of death or serious bodily harm ...
The science of decision making
  Sponsored by: Safariland
 Pregnant teen attacked on bus
Five teens attacked a young couple on a Metro bus in Seattle. The 17-year-old victim and her boyfriend pleaded with the teens to stop their attack because the girl who was being assaulted was pregnant.
 iPhone app translates signs instantly
The tool could be of great use to police and first responders who are required to act quickly, even if they run into important signage or documents that are in a foreign language.
Make Advancing Your Career a Priority for 2011
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PoliceOne Exclusive
Connecting the dots of violence
By Richard Davis, PoliceOne Contributor
"The first purpose of a clear prohibition of violence is educational — to send a clear message that all violence against children is unacceptable and unlawful and to reinforce positive, non-violent social norms..."
The enemy is denial
P1 First Person
Officers killed in motor vehicle crashes
By Chief (Ret.) Ronald W. McBride
Police officers should not be dying in motor-vehicle crashes at a higher rate than the general population. Some blame the nature of police work and the total number of hours driven, but that is just another example of cops accepting line-of-duty injuries and deaths ... Dead is dead
Video Tip
 How to raise courageous children

Force your kids to order their own food at restaurants and make them stand in line with the biggest and meanest looking clerk on staff.
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P1 Member Photo of the Week
 Reason enough to index your finger?

Burke L. Morin of the Green River (Wyo.) PD writes that this incident took place nearly three decades ago, when three cops hit a patch of ice while running toward a bust.
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