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 Drills and technique: The importance of handcuffing
 Prone suspects: Deadly in an instant
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Dear PoliceOne Member,

Earlier this year, we presented a feature on the work done by Dr. Bill Lewinski and the team at Force Science Institute on the dangers posed by prone subjects. Today we revisit that matter, with a handful of items — one from Columnist Dan Marcou, one from yours truly, as well as the summary findings from FSI. Remember, hands hidden under a proned-out subject are a warning sign of potential, if not probable, non-compliance.

PoliceOne Senior Editor Doug Wyllie
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Cops kill Ind. man who points fake gun
A man in Indiana was shot and killed by officers after he opened the door of a home and pointed an Airsoft gun, made to look like a Walther P99, at the cops. Also hit with TASER
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Scaled-back 9/11 health bill passes: Bill named for a 34-year-old police detective who died after many hours at ground zero
Video: Man claims traffic-stop brutality: KCPD says the cop did exactly what he is trained to do to take control of the situation
Call leads cops to mom who killed son
Oakland cops kill man after pursuit
Video: Cops defend ticketing of deer rescuers who did not wear life vests
Facebook spat leads to police chase
Woman brings gun into NC TV station
NYPD simulates Mumbai style attack
PoliceOne Exclusive
Prone suspects: Deadly in an instant (revisited)
By PoliceOne Senior Editor Doug Wyllie
Suspects lying flat with hands hidden under the chest or waist can produce and fire a gun at an approaching officer faster than any human being can physically react ...
Educating the masses
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PoliceOne Exclusive
Drills and technique: The importance of handcuffing
By Dan Marcou, PoliceOne Columnist
No matter what position you put someone in, it always comes down to this: "Account for the hands, watch the hands, and control the hands." That’s because hands are what the suspect will use to kill ...
Mixing techniques
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Rock and Roll SWAT
If you enjoy watching SWAT vehicles in action, this video is for you. If rocking out to AC/DC is also something you enjoy, then Merry Christmas.
Finding the right holster
BLUtube user 'WillBrink' takes a close look at two holsters and explores the pros and cons of both designs.
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 LION has launched a brand new website! You can now find us online at www.lionprotects.com to check out all of our products and services, including new full body coverage training gear. You'll find the latest products and news from LION in our all-new, easy-to-navigate site.
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Tactical Tip
Some thoughts on handcuffs
By P1 Member Neil C. Held
Handcuffing is about repetition and muscle memory. You want to avoid fiddling around and taking your eyes off the suspect while applying them ... Chained or hinged cuffs?
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Police Video News
Travelers robbed by fake officers
Several international travelers passing through the Houston area told deputies they were robbed by a group of men wearing cop uniforms.
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