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 Justice preserved: No pardon for 'Billy the Kid'
 Video: BATmobile prowls for drunk drivers
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Video: Deputy killed in Ohio gunfight
The trailer park shootout was caught on video by a local TV affiliate. Prior to the gunfight, the suspect shot and killed Deputy Suzanne Hopper. Mom of two
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Was denied benefits after a back injury, including coverage for his wife and kids
Can mass transit be protected?:
Or does the United States just have too many trains and subways?

New video campaign shows dangers of police work
Sgt. accused of breaking officer's nose
Video: One-legged war vet hit with TASER claims excessive force
Pro quarterback offers Ohio K-9 grant
Homicides fall in USA's biggest cities
Cop rescues hypothermic dog from bay
News Analysis:
Suspects returning to crime scenes
 By Lt. Dan Marcou, PoliceOne Columnist
When Ohio Deputy Suzanne Waughtel-Hopper responded to a shots-fired call at a trailer park on New Year’s Day, the suspect was not immediately visible at the scene. While she was photographing a set of footprints, he swung his trailer door open and opened fire on her.
'They shall return'
PoliceOne Exclusive
Federalizing local law enforcement
By Lance Eldridge, PoliceOne Contributor
Critics of decentralized police administration say it fosters a low grade of policing, tolerates racial bias, and makes it difficult to monitor training and certification requirements ... American as apple pie
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Sponsored by: Safariland
BATmobile prowls for drunk drivers
Police BATmobiles are converted school buses that sport slogans like "Booze it and lose it." They are equipped with breath-testing equipment to determine a suspect’s blood alcohol content.
BLUtube member "rcummings" writes: This "video is for entertainment only, not for training purposes... unless you happen to be a LEGO figure."
PoliceOne Exclusive
Justice preserved: 'Billy the Kid' denied a pardon
By Lt. Dan Marcou, PoliceOne Columnist
New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson should be applauded for his decision not to pardon the killer of four NM law enforcement officers. It would have been an insult to their memory ...
Dangerous job, dangerous time
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Tactical Tip
Preparing mentally en route to a call
By Alonzo Moreland, P1 Member
Recognize the seriousness of the situation you're about to enter into. Know that you will control your environment and influence others' actions upon arrival ...
Go home uninjured
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