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 Indiana cop-killer seeks parole
 Tip: Exercise is not an anti-fatigue 'drug'
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Dear PoliceOne Member,

To our knowledge, there is no single organization that follows upcoming parole hearings for convicted cop killers and posts information that individuals can use to voice their opposition to such miscarriages of justice, so we appreciate the members who have sent us tips.

Although we cannot possibly know about — or adequately respond to — every such case, today we want to point out another one. A vote will take place on January 20 to determine whether the man who murdered a Marion County (Ind.) Sheriff’s Deputy named Tom Settles in 1972 should go free. Read the story below to see how you can help.

PoliceOne Senior Editor Doug Wyllie
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San Francisco OIS filmed by civilian
Officers shot a knife-wielding man in a wheelchair who stabbed a cop after he responded to a report of someone slashing tires. Non life-threatening
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Suspect surrendered after tactical police surrounded the restaurant with guns drawn

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No seat-belt worn in 42 percent of fatal squad wrecks
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PoliceOne Exclusive
How do questions help you?
By Brian Willis, PoliceOne Contributor
You will learn far more in your police career if you take the time to ask questions and actively listen to the answers, rather than assume you already know something ... Listen to victims as well as suspects
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PoliceOne Exclusive
Indiana cop-killer seeks parole
By PoliceOne Senior Editor Doug Wyllie
Fellow officers and family remain steadfast in opposition to the release of a man who killed Sheriff's Deputy Tom Settles during a bank robbery in 1972 ... Keep him locked up
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SWAT teams in action
This video was uploaded by BLUtube user mccoy1. It features a variety of SWAT teams in action, set to the song "Remedy" by the band Seether.
Dog iPhone app helps catch burglar
A woman in Denver, Colorado used an iPhone application to catch a burglar who stole electronics from her home. Cops arrested the man after a TV station aired the video.
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Tactical Tip
Exercise is not an anti-fatigue 'drug'
By Charles Remsberg, PoliceOne Columnist
Some officers choose to work out when they’re fatigued, using exercise as a “drug” to break from their tiredness. This habit can actually cause even more sleep deprivation ... A therapeutic workout
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PoliceOne Video News
Parole board offers sympathy for slain cop
The chairman of the parole board that released the man who killed a Mass. officer last week made his first statement, offering sympathy to the officer's family.
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