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 Video: Inflammatory rhetoric vs. the law
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Dear PoliceOne Member,

Not everyone in the universe of PoliceOne members has opted "in" to receive our quarterly Investigations eNews, so it bears mention here that yesterday’s edition contained an item about the long and winding story of Detective Johnny Bonds and the man who sought to have him killed. That man, Michael Lee Davis (a.k.a. Walter Waldhauser), is presently being considered for parole. Check out the story, and voice your opinions in the comments area or directly to the parole board itself.

PoliceOne Senior Editor Doug Wyllie
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Video: Cops discuss trend of anti-police violence
One cop was killed in the line of duty every 54 hours in the US last year. So far, 2011 is not looking any better.
A deadly calling
Today's Top Stories:
Ind. cop succumbs to shooting wounds: Officer David Moore was shot during a bloody 24 hours for cops early this week
SWAT on the hunt for Ore. cop shooter: Depressed shooter entertained paranoid fantasies about being pursued by police
Underwear bomber's trial set for Oct.
Video: Handcuffed suspect jumps from moving squad
Video: LA chase ends in bad wreck
NY woman claims heart attack following traffic stop killed her husband
Cop tries to turn on pistol-mounted flashlight, fatally shoots man
Detroit police shooter was in sexual assault probe
Calif. suspect wrestles with K-9
PoliceOne Exclusive
The 'no commercial breaks' workout
By Charles Remsberg, PoliceOne Columnist
Performing simple drills and exercises while you’re watching TV can give you good physical fitness returns on minimal effort when when you lack time or guidance ...
Reinforce good habits
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Introducing the First True HD In-Car Video
WatchGuard 4RE is completely revolutionary because it eliminates the agonizing compromise between video quality and file size. The WatchGuard 4RE makes HD practical by giving agencies incredible image quality for the video that turns out to be important, while keeping the routine video (typically 90% of recordings) at a standard resolution.
Get this new technology for your department
PoliceOne Exclusive
Inflammatory rhetoric vs. the law
Terrence P. Dwyer, PoliceOne Contributor
The fatal heart attack of a 72-year-old man in New York is to be mourned, but are police responsible fors his death? What began as a traffic stop has turned into a full-scale media vilification of the cops involved ...
'Depraved indifference'
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Sponsored by: Safariland
Stolen cab crashes into school bus
A suspect is apprehended after a chase in which his car clips the front of a school bus, causing the stolen taxi to crash.
Staying connected to backup
As an cop, it’s important to remain in contact with your fellow officers. There are several ways to wear your microphone, three of which are discussed in this video.
Stay Warm and Comfortable Indoors & Outdoors
Blauer Commando™ sweaters are available in number of styles, with and without fleece and WindStopper® liners.

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Tactical Tip
Go online to enhance your training
Sgt. Betsy Smith, PoliceOne Columnist
After training at the range or on the mat, sit down at your computer and sharpen up mentally. Select a dash-cam or critical-incident video on BLUtube or YouTube and study it as a training event ...
Study Officer-down stories
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Increase Officer Efficiency with the
Toughbook U1 Ultra
The Panasonic Toughbook® U1 Ultra handheld PC features a full Windows® operating system and a TransflectivePlus sunlight-viewable touchscrseen. Now officers can perform tasks like quickly running background checks and submitting e-tickets from the field. With the Toughbook U1 Ultra, officers spend more time protecting the public and less time behind a desk.
Learn more about the U1 Ultra at www.panasonic.com

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