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 Pistol packing pastor
foils robbery
 'Don't sniff my junk?'
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Featured News

Video: Off-duty cops beaten after concert
Up to ten men surrounded the cops, one of whom was on the ground. The incident was captured on video by a man who was leaving the show. Fractured eye socket
Today's Top Stories:
Video: Hostage-taker killed at NC bank:
The teenage gunman leaves the bank with a gun to the female hostage’s head
Controversial unit disbanded in Atlanta:
The Red Dog Unit, known for coming down hard on crime, has been called a liability
Man who killed Wash. officer asked for prayers
Mexican guns and the 90 percent myth
NY cops, firefighters fight for payment
Driver impersonates cop with iPhone
Man dies as cops wait for paramedics
Cutting crime with cameras in rural USA
Video: Seattle PD investigates off-duty cop who stomped suspect's head
PoliceOne Exclusive
4 keys to success on the stand
By Terrence Dwyer, PoliceOne Contributor
Strong officers who have remained calm while fighting with felons and braving gunfire are often the most uncomfortable and incapable in the courtroom ... Avoid 'cop speak'
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Introducing All New ALTAMA Ortho-TacX Boots
ALTAMA’s Ortho-TacX series was developed with some of the most technical and high end materials available on the market today.

"I have worn others on my daily beat, but NONE have given me the support, flexibility, and traction I have needed other than these boots." - B. Smith
Check out all Ortho-TacX series features
PoliceOne Exclusive
An aviation security conundrum:
Sniff my junk?
By Jerry Bradshaw, PoliceOne Contributor
Although K-9s are currently not allowed to sniff human beings in typical law enforcement settings, bringing explosive-detection K-9s out of the cargo hold and into airport security lines makes a lot of sense ... Quicker and less invasive
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P1 First Person
My time at the Street Fighter course
By Andrew Butts, Supervisory Border Patrol Agent
This course reinforces the notion that some of our conventional shooting positions and traditional ideas of cover and concealment might not work best in the modern urban battlefield ...
'P' stands for plenty
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Sponsored by: Safariland
Pistol packing pastor foils robbery
Pastor James McAbee carries a pistol at all times, but he never thought he'd have to brandish it at church.
Speed enforced by aircraft?
This is NOT just a boring citizen complaint about the police, even though it may seem that way for the first 30 seconds of the video.
Announcing All New Getac S400 Semi-Rugged Computer
Designed from the ground up to fit the needs of public safety departments worldwide,
the all new Getac S400 is one of the most rugged semi-rugged computers on the market. Starting at $1,649 with an Intel
Core I3 or nicely configured with an Core I5 processor, 700 NITs display and spill-resistant backlit keyboard at $2,249 - Getac has a solution for you.
Get the S400 today
PoliceOne Tip
Don't let your gloves give you away
During an arrest, many suspects will view common medical gloves — colored in blue, green and white — as a cue of imminent arrest ... Disguise your gloves
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Ensure the Safety of Your Department's
Arms Room
The Chamber Safety Tool is a uniquely designed multi-functional tool available for shotguns, rifles, or pistols. Ideal for any law enforcement department. As a chamber
flag, this tool clearly shows that the weapon
is safe and is heat resistant to keep it from melting in a hot chamber. The strengthened head ofthis tool adds increased durability
for extended use.
Only $.45 each with minimum quantity ordered
P1 Photo of the Week
Sunset on the northern frontier
This week’s photo is from PoliceOne Member Sheriff Mark Hansen of the Grande Prairie Sheriff Highway Patrol, in Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada.
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