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 Gunfight training: Hype, myth, and BS
 Building a Better Gunfighter
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Featured News

Critics knock 'no-knock' raids
"No-knock" raids have gone from 3,000 per year in the 1980s to nearly 80,000. Some say the surprise element poses an unnecessary threat to people whose homes are entered. Split-second choice
Today's Top Stories:
Getaway driver in cop’s death sues police: Says officers were negligent when they shot him in the legs and feet after a 50-mile chase
Ore. cop dies in shooting range accident: Sgt. Jerry Webber, 44, was removing the rifle from his vehicle when it discharged
Activist releases new video of alleged Houston PD 'excessive force'
NY man in custody, 4 dead following stabbing spree
Ore. driver films speedometer at 140 mph
No jail for Ohio cop's indecent exposure
Ga. cop, Green Beret 'had servant's heart'
Do massage parlor stings cross the line?
PoliceOne Exclusive
Gunfight training: Hype, myth, and BS (Part 3)
By Ron Avery, PoliceOne Columnist
Many things we assume to be "true" are actually nothing but hype, myth, or just plain old BS. Gun fighting is no exception. For example, the notion that “the street is the only real test” is total BS. ... Validation of good training
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PoliceOne Exclusive
Building a Better Gunfighter: Skill maintenance
By Richard Fairburn, PoliceOne Columnist
The range is fun, and there are many sources of practical marksmanship training, but keeping your mind sharp is something you must generally do alone. Staying alert to your surroundings requires effort ...
Mindset, marksmanship, mechanics
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A statue of Robocop in Detroit?
It all started with a tweet to the mayor: @mayordavebing Philadelphia has a statue of Rocky & Robocop would kick Rocky’s butt. He’s a GREAT ambassador for Detroit.
Where pit bulls are considered wimps
"Dog is not man’s best friend. A giant blue bite suit is" ... At least that's how one British comedian felt after a full day spent running around with K-9s.
Rugged Video System for Motorcycles or Any Other Vehicle
Compact and customizable, Digital Ally’s DV-500Ultra provides powerful yet easy recording capabilities from any vehicle. Featuring solid state memory with no moving parts to be affected by vibration, waterproof camera and 2 controller options designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, and more.
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Tactical Tip
Does anyone use iron-sights anymore?
Red dots are definitely helpful, but if you depend too heavily on them, it will become all you know. Some red-dot users have forgotten what a consistent cheek-weld is, or they never knew in the first place! ...
An eye-opening drill
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5.11 Rolls Out Innovative New Performance Apparel for Bike Patrol
[5.11 Tactical]

Agencies Use Spillman to Share Data Across State Lines
[Spillman Technologies]
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