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 Hilarious Video: Skyjack DUI
 A first-hand look at the 2011 Caprice
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Featured News

2 Va. deputies fatally shot, 2 wounded
A Virginia state trooper blocks access to the site of a fatal shooting in which a gunman opened fire on sheriff's deputies at a rural salvage yard, killing two and injuring two others.
Suspect dead
Today's Top Stories:
EDP fatally shoves NY cop down stairs: Shoved him over a railing and he fell 9 feet down a concrete stairwell, landing on his neck
NY cop accidentally killed by MTA officer: Shooting occurred during confrontation with man wielding "big Rambo type knives"
FBI targets squatting 'Sovereign Citizens'
Shot Philly cop survives thanks to vest
Colo. city allows cops to have goatees
Ill. man's calls make Calif. SWAT team respond to bogus emergencies
Cops hit naked woman with TASER after kick to groin
Sheriff patrols more bison than people
PoliceOne Exclusive
Law enforcement's recurring nightmare
By Karen L. Bune, PoliceOne Contributor
When a police shooting results in the death of an officer (or officers), the impact is severe, devastating, and heart-wrenching. Just ask chiefs in NY, Colorado, Florida, and Virgina, where cops have recently been murdered ... Widespread pain
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Exclusive Savings On DeSantis At NY Ironworks
NY Ironworks is proud to offer exclusive shipping savings on all DeSantis products. For a limited time, receive free shipping on all DeSantis orders over $50. As one of the largest distributors of DeSantis products, NY Ironworks' showroom features the latest DeSantis holsters, equipment bags, holders and more.
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PoliceOne Exclusive
Tax preparation tips for cops
By Edwin Stephens, PoliceOne Contributor
"The art of taxation consists in so plucking the goose as to obtain the largest amount of feathers with the least possible amount of hissing." -- J.R. Colbert ... Developing good tax habits
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Featured Product Article
A first-hand look at the 2011 Caprice
By John Croop, PoliceOne Contributor
After a 15-year absence, the new Chevy Caprice has returned with a design that emphasizes officer comfort and safety. The arrival of the new Caprice also marks the return of the V-8 to its police sedan ... Available next month
Sponsored by: Safariland
P1 Humor: Skyjack DUI
"I can't have you driving down the road in a Skyjack drinking beer," the officer said. "Come on down and we'll get this figured out."
Tribute to Madison, Florida LEOs
This is a compilation of "footage from my ride-alongs and travels with LEOs," writes BLUtube user MadisonVoice.
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Tactical Tip
What's under your feet?
By Rich Von Voigt, P1 Member
Do you scan the ground you are about to step on when arriving at a scene? If not, you should, otherwise you might end up flat on your back ...
Pot holes, glass, gasoline, blood
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Is Your Department's Technology Up-To-Date?
L-3 Mobile-Vision, Inc. is the premier provider of leading edge technology solutions for public safety. Our digital in-car video, mobile data computing and license plate recognition platforms provide you with rugged and reliable equipment that allows your agency to capture, manage and communicate critical information in a safe, secure and reliable manner.
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Streamlight Announces All New LED Twin-Task LED Models

New Gloves from 5.11 Offer Range of Impact Protection
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