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 How to be an arrogant cop
 Video: Brazilian police shoot teen 5 times
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Learn from this cop's OIS
After driving 118 mph on a New Mexico highway, a man who kidnapped his pregnant wife and kid came to a stop with Officer Bryan Waller parked behind him. Suspect opens fire
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Video: N.O. arrest goes viral on YouTube: Footage shows a confrontation between a cop and a drunken crowd on St. Patrick's Day
Dash-cam shows dying cops' last moments: The video was shown to members of the media, but was not made public
Suspected Ga. cop killer still at large
Video: Seattle PD ends conferences, moves to recorded statements
Hero cop speaks in court 17 years later
Tenn. cop doused in lighter fluid, saves suicidal man
Texas officer critical after cow attack
Video: Do Chicago cops drop gang members in rival turf?
PoliceOne Exclusive
How to be an arrogant cop
By Joel F. Shults, PoliceOne Contributor
Genuine confidence shows up in an officer’s speech and in the quality of work he or she does. Arrogance, on the other hand, shows up when true confidence is lacking ... 'The look'
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PoliceOne Exclusive
Border Patrol Agent's life on the road
By Thane Gallagher, PoliceOne Contributor
When you're patrolling as a "loaner," you can be on urban streets surrounded by millions of people one day and the next day be deep in a canyon outnumbered 10-to-1 by rattlesnakes ... Geography and demographics
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P1 First Person
England's new police hiring policy is 'freeze and free'
By W. Hock Hochheim, PoliceOne Member
Amid severe budgetary problems, new hiring and training policies in England have become radical to say the least. Is the US next?
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Pa. departments tussle over turf
When a cop from one jurisdiction makes an arrest a block over the town line, the neighboring Chief intercedes. Naturally, the entire episode is caught on cell-phone video.
Controversial Brazilian police shooting
Five cops in Brazil were captured on amateur video repeatedly shooting an unarmed 14-year-old boy. The boy survived, but was seriously injured.
Driving Force Simulator Creating Industry Buzz
The public safety industry’s only integrated driving and force option simulation system is getting noticed … in a big way. Sales and media reports are proving the instructional power of combining pursuits with scene-matching suspect interaction. FAAC’s Drive – Shoot – Drive simulator is the next generation of realistic training. Maybe the last generation!
Find out what the buzz is all about
Tactical Tip
The art of asking questions
By taking a quiet approach and asking questions rather than giving commands, you can often mask your intentions and hide them from the suspect, according to P1 Columnist Gary Klugiewicz ... Keep the advantage
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P1 Member Photo of the Week
K-9 Rommel

This week's photo is from P1 Member Matt Nussle, an officer with the Elkton (Md.) Police Dept. K-9 Unit, who writes, "Here's a picture my K-9 Rommel, taking off after a decoy in training."

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