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 Calif. city bans all use of force
 Hasbro's extremely less-lethal line of weapons
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Featured News

Calif. soccer game arrest hits YouTube
San Diego police are reviewing an incident in which an officer at a Mexico vs. Venezuela soccer match struggles with an intoxicated fan and slams his head on the ground. 49-second video
Today's Top Stories:
Off-duty cop shoots, stops gunman:
The officer was getting a haircut when he saw a man remove a handgun outside

Video: Force questioned in Ala. arrest: Received cuts to the face and elbow, but there was "minimum force required"
Texas deputy dies after cow attack
Video: Ohio teen arrested at gunpoint after chase
Recruit missing, boyfriend won't talk
Officer, woman arrested after pot find
Cartels making threats to US agents?
Cops shoot vicious dog, leading them to pot grow
Even More Police News
Calif. city to eliminate all police use of force:
Seeking an alternative to arrests, which are "inconvenient"
Hasbro introduces extremely less lethal weapons:
ACLU has filed a suit saying they're "still too dangerous"
Journalist leaks flattering memos about police officers
New iPhone app for cops: The 'Chicks Dig It Factor'
Newest SWAT UAVs to feature JETs
Police applicant's IQ too high for law enforcement work
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Facebook saves CIA millions, Twitter still worthless
"It is truly a dream come true," a CIA Director said. "They post their religious and political views and alphabetized lists of all their friends."
Cops review 40K dorm party photos
"After examining the 25 iPhones, 15 BlackBerrys, 10 video cameras, and 40 digital cameras, we were able to reconstruct exactly what happened."
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Tactical Tip
Increasing your draw speed
Ron Avery performs a series of drills related to sidearm draw that can help you enhance your firearms proficiency and increase performance ... Reinforce the basics
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P1 First Person
The power of the pen
By Noah Waters, Prince George's County
When journalists are at their best, they guide us, teach us, and enlighten us. When they’re at their worst, they simply bring out the nastiness in subjects, readers and themselves ... Uplifting those who serve
Get In & Get the Job Done with the Perfect Battering Ram
Paratech's new Modular Battering Ram (MBR) sets a new standard in usability and scalability for today's diverse forcible entry requirements. Designed to accept multiple interchangeable head types, the MBR offers unparalleled functionality with one base tool.
Watch the Modular Battering Ram in action
P1 Member Photo of the Week
Idaho sunset

Guy Jenkins, a Sgt. at the Idaho Maximum Security Institution, writes, "When things are at their worst, we are able to step outside and enjoy the evening light shows here on the edge of the Rocky Mountains."

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