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 Lt. Grossman, on Living with Sacrifice'
 Video: 5 most popular of March
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Featured News

'78 cop killer seeks parole
Jimmie Nelms walked Kansas State Trooper Conroy O’Brien into a ditch, pistol whipped him and fractured his skull, then told him to beg for his life before shooting him twice, killing him. Stop his parole
Today's Top Stories:
Video: Miami cops vs. angry beach ravers: Shows spring breakers, including a very inebriated girl, clashing with cops
Teen, ACLU sue over cop-filming arrest: Was detained for several hours last year after taking video of police on a public bus
Make Fla. cops' filmed death public?
Agent shoots smuggling suspect on border fence
T-shirts raise money for killed cop's PD
Facebook pulls Ga. cop killer's fan page
Judge scolds cops over video evidence
World's smallest K-9 does Playboy
News Analysis:
Helping LEOs keep cop killers in prison
 By PoliceOne Senior Editor Doug Wyllie
Longtime readers of this space already know what to do when they see me write on this subject. For those of you who are relatively new to the program, here’s how it generally works. You’ve got three basic options for voicing your opinion to the parole board. You can...
PoliceOne Exclusive
When 'less is more' in police training
By Ed Flosi, PoliceOne Contributor
As much as possible, you should design and practice techniques that use redundant core skills. It's most effective if you keep it simple ... Static line drills
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Introducing the First & Only True High Definition Police In-Car Video System
WatchGuard 4RE is completely revolutionary because it eliminates the agonizing compromise between video quality and file size. The WatchGuard 4RE makes HD practical by giving agencies incredible image quality for the video that turns out to be important, while keeping the routine video (typically 90% of recordings) at a standard resolution.
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PoliceOne Exclusive
'Living with the sacrifice'
By Barbara Schwartz, PoliceOne Contributor
To injured and disabled officers, Lt. Col. Dave Grossman says, "The greater the burden, the greater the honor of being triumphant when you come out the other end" ... Remain a warrior
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5 most popular videos of March
In our top video, a man exits his truck and approaches officers with his hands held forward. Watch and see what the man was holding and how the officers handled it.
RIP Officer Chris Wilson
"Shots fired. Shots fired. Affirmative. They're scramblin' on the ground and saying 'shots fired.' I haven't seen it yet though."
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Tactical Tip
Are you rehearsing the basics?
By Sgt. Betsy Smith, PoliceOne Columnist
With the evolution of technology (and tactics!) our cruisers are now filled with multiple radios, a computer, and so much more. Time to take a step back and focus on the basics ... Get the essentials, quickly!
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Barricades - Resolved. Budgets - Protected.
The Recon Scout XT is the antidote to barricaded subjects and to the thousands of dollars they cost your agency each year. Small, quiet and immediately deployable, the XT gives you real-time video reconnaissance that helps you safely resolve the situation. Moreover, it can pay for itself on just one call-out.
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