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 The shoot-to-wound debate continues
 Fla. PD video refutes 'excessive force' claims
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Dear PoliceOne Member,

The dash-cam video in the below item from Livonia (Mich.) shows police officers there heroically saving a "severely autistic" 11-year-old boy from running into traffic and then belting him into the back seat of the squad car to prevent him from harming himself (he had been bashing his head into the partition).

We at PoliceOne commend these officers and all who take such care in coming to the aid of ASD subjects. As we've covered recently in this space, these subjects present a challenge for officers, and today we bring you some tips for safely handling such situations.

PoliceOne Senior Editor Doug Wyllie
Featured News

Video: Police help 11-year-old autistic boy
Mother criticizes police for the way they treated her severely autistic son Hysterical in back of squad
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News Analysis:
Police and autism: ASD subjects present an incredible challenge to cops
 By PoliceOne Senior Editor Doug Wyllie
The light bars are flashing. There is a cacophony of voices. The responding officers are putting hands on a resistant subject. All hell breaks loose. This could be about any call a cop encounters, but when the call involves a person who has an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), the event itself and its aftermath can get even more difficult for everyone. No warning signs
PoliceOne Exclusive
The shoot-to-wound debate continues
By Tom Marx, PoliceOne Contributor
Presenting levelheaded counterarguments to generally uninformed opponents of police deadly force practices requires perspective and patience ... Center mass of whatever is available
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PoliceOne Exclusive
Gang codes: Not hiding in plain sight
By Gary Klivans, PoliceOne Contributor
Gang members wear colors, have identifying tattoos, flash hand signs, put up graffiti, and use symbols in their codes that help to identify them and their gang affiliation. Sometimes gang members want to hide their gang affiliation ... Piecing the puzzle together
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SWAT teams land in Mass. for terror training
More than 130 officers from around eastern Massachusetts along with 10 instructors from LAPD SWAT work a large-scale exercise.
Fla. PD video refutes 'excessive force' claims
Cape Coral police have released dash-cam video of an April traffic stop to address accusations of excessive force. You make the call!
P1 First Person
Using combat breathing to reduce stress
By PoliceOne Member Chris Cerino
Combat breathing oxygenates the blood to provide not only clearer thinking but also clearer vision. It can also enhance your chances of winning everything from a marksmanship competition to a gunfight. Deep breath
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Tactical Tip
Officer safety and the phrase 'I've got your back'
By Gary Klugiewicz, PoliceOne Contributor
The phrase, "I've got your back" has become so widely used that it’s fundamental meaning is in danger of being lost. ... Real-world applications
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P1 Member Photo of the Week
Riot cops break out the gas

"This is a photo of some of our Mobile Field Force training for the South Central Task Force in PA," writes Kerry Vincent of the Mechanicsburg (Pa.) Police Department.

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