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 SWAT callouts from the violators' perspective
 Firearms concealment for female subjects
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Dear PoliceOne Member,

Today we have been in regular contact with Scott Barthelmass, founder of the Missouri Law Enforcement Funeral Assistance Team, and a Corporal with the Overland (Mo.) Police Department. Barthelmass said that they've received a "list of seven officers who lost everything" in the Joplin tornado. We at PoliceOne are doing what we can to assist these heroes and their families, and in the feature below we offer a few ideas on how we can all pitch in. Add your thoughts in the comments area beneath that article.

Meanwhile, our thoughts and prayers go out to the family, friends, and fellow-LEOs of Officer Jeff Taylor of the Riverside (Mo.) Police Department, who was struck by lightning and severely injured during the search for survivors in Joplin.

PoliceOne Senior Editor Doug Wyllie
Featured News

Helping officers struck by the Joplin tornado
An effort to assist officers from the tornado-affected area has begun Katrina, without the water
Today's Top Stories:
Calif. freed 450 high-risk parolees: Some 1,500 offenders were improperly released, including 450 with 'a high risk for violence'
Seattle cops suspended for profanity: Seattle Police Chief John Diaz has imposed harsh suspensions on 3 officers over their use of 'gutter language' during a traffic stop
Jared Loughner ruled 'incompetent' for trial
Facebook page creators falsely allege police brutality, apologize
'Flash mobs' targeted by Chicago's top cop
Report: NYPD fixed tickets for celebs
NASCAR driver clocked at 128 in a 45
Video: Suspect claims 'excessive force' caught on dash cam
PoliceOne Exclusive
LAPD provides the 'missing link' in SWAT debriefings
By Charles Remsberg, PoliceOne Columnist
Through extensive post-incident interviews in prisons, mental health facilities, and private homes, investigators are amassing a rich trove of information on what works and what doesn’t in high-profile SWAT callouts ... Candid Q&As
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Get the Most Rugged, Semi-Rugged Notebook Computer Built
Designed from the ground up to fit the needs of public safety departments worldwide, the new Getac S400 is one of the most rugged semi-rugged computers on the market. Starting at just $1,649, it's time to upgrade the safety and performance of your patrol computers.
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PoliceOne Exclusive
Terrorism as a criminal enterprise
By Lance Eldridge, PoliceOne Contributor
Terrorist organizations operating inside our borders are little more than organized criminal enterprises. They are groups of unstable violent criminals hiding behind a failed ideology ... Financing terror through criminal activity
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Chicago cops go to high-crime areas
Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced Tuesday that about 500 officers will be temporarily reassigned to eight police districts on the South and West Sides.
Mexican cops suspended for forcing woman to strip
The Mexican border city of Tijuana is suspending 15 local police officers seen on a video forcing a young female to perform a lap dance.
Linear Systems Provides the Most Advanced Technology at a Cost Effective Price
Linear Systems can easily provide your department the ability to interface with many database applications. In use by over 500 law enforcement, military, and government agencies across the U.S., Linear Systems DIMS collects and manages digital photo, audio, and video evidence to simplify the acquisition and archiving of field and lab gathered digital evidence.
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Tactical Tip
Firearms concealment for females
By PoliceOne Senior Editor Doug Wyllie
Some seasoned violators make it a practice to have their girlfriends carry their guns. A new 'viral' Internet video offers a reminder about thorough opposite-sex search techniques ... 'Support side' shooting
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Delivering Standards-Compliant Public Safety LTE
Access to real-time information over a broadband network will transform the way public safety serves and protects communities. Today, Motorola is delivering standards-compliant Public Safety LTE networks for first responders. Leveraging our nearly 80 years serving Public Safety, we are also developing applications for Public Safety LTE networks, designed specifically for mission critical operations.
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