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 Really dumb criminals and really lucky civilians
 Video tip: Transitioning to armbar takedown
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Featured News

Ex-BART cop to be freed next week
Johannes Mehserle is scheduled to be set free Monday from a Los Angeles County jail where he served his time after his high-profile trial. Civil lawsuit remains to be heard
Today's Top Stories:
SCOTUS: Fleeing in car is a violent offense: High court said in a 6-3 ruling that flight from police can be considered a violent felony
US Marshal task force member killed: Investigator Warren Lewis was shot and killed while serving a murder warrant
Police arrest 75 gang members in 'Red Zone' swarm
Union leaders call LAPD warning a 'ploy'
Elderly N.D. man accused of acting as police officer
Video: Officer rides on hood of drunk driver's car
Texas agency: Authorities take gunfire on border
Special Olympics get lift from Calif. officers
PoliceOne Exclusive
10 reasons to go for that grant
By Brian Harris, PoliceOne Contributor
Many departments miss out on great opportunities because it involves writing a grant. "It's too hard" or "There’s too much follow-up" are common reasons given. Well, making arrests is time consuming and requires follow-up too, but we do that ... Everybody’s doing it
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Is Your Agency Ready to Simplify the CALEA Accreditation Process?
PowerDMS STANDARDS is the solution you’ve been waiting for! From manual view/search/version control to full accreditation management tools, this solution will simplify your process, and completely eliminate file cabinets. Sign up for one of our webinars to learn more. Webinars are on the bottom of page.
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PoliceOne Exclusive
Options for financing a child's college education
By Edwin Stephens, PoliceOne Contributor
For many law enforcement parents, the culmination of their life’s efforts is to be present at their child’s college graduation. The path to finance and educate a child in today’s economy is becoming increasingly challenging ... Planning begins at birth
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Sponsored by: Safariland
If at first you don’t succeed...
This has been around for a while, but when two people send it to us in the span of a week, we figured there must be plenty of cops who didn't see it back when it first came out. Enjoy!
Ricochet almost kills shooter
Getting shot in the head doesn't seem to phase this guy, but if the bullet had gone just a little lower, it would have been a very different (tragic) story.
P1 First Person
Officer survival training is not a luxury
Deputy Sheriff Kevin LeDoux
Would you trust your life, or the life of a loved one, to a heart surgeon who only performs surgery twice a year? Or a pilot who only flies two times a year? I don’t believe many of us would be comfortable with either scenario. So why is this level of training acceptable in law enforcement? A pay now or pay later scenario
Delivering Standards-Compliant Public Safety LTE
Access to real-time information over a broadband network will transform the way public safety serves and protects communities. Today, Motorola is delivering standards-compliant Public Safety LTE networks for first responders. Leveraging our nearly 80 years serving Public Safety, we are also developing applications for Public Safety LTE networks, designed specifically for mission critical operations.
See how Motorola delivers standards-compliant LTE for public safety
Tactical Tip
Cross grab to straight armbar takedown
In this video tactical tip, Joe Ferrera expounds on some of his earlier tips about 'answering the phone' and transitioning to the armbar takedown, because if the suspect is going to jail you’re going to need to get control ... What’s next?
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The Gargoyles Shakedown is Function First
The Gargoyles Shakedown has everything you need in eyewear. Wrap-around coverage, ANSI protection, crystal clear lenses and an ultra lightweight nylon frame giving new meaning to FUNCTION FIRST. Protect your eyes from the elements, you only have one set.
Get them today at GargoylesEyewear.com
P1 Member Photo of the Week
Bask in the view

This week's photo comes from PoliceOne Member Robert Mayer, a trooper from the Highway Patrol Division of the Nevada Department of Public Safety, who snapped this image in the Valley of Fire State Park.

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