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 Examining a tough-guy mindset
 Lessons from suicide-turned-homicide
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Featured News

Detroit cop struck by car dies after hospital stay
The Buffalo man charged with hitting Officer Charles Armour could face homicide charges. Consummate gentleman
Today's Top Stories:
Deputy sheriff dies in auto accident: Jeffrey Alexander was killed Sunday in a collision on a N.Y. state highway
Video: Runaway police cruiser crashes into cars: Officer failed to put his patrol car in park
Chicago mayor sends cops to the streets
Mass. police end standoff after suspects opened fire
Acquittal for cops charged with graffiti artist's assault
Owners angry after cow is 'Tasered'
Police react to new Ala. immigration law
Cop drives off with loaded gun on top of car
PoliceOne Exclusive
Dropping the 'angry cop' attitude: Humphrey's 'Warrior Creed'
By Jack E. Hoban & Bruce J. Gourlie
To tell the truth, I was kind of a tough-guy type. I would walk around town with a scowl on my face, challenging everyone I met with my eyes ... What is the mindset of the person who adopts this philosophy? ... Protector or killer?
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PoliceOne Exclusive
Suicidal suspect turns homicidal: Iraq veteran killed in the line of duty
By Lt. Dan Marcou, PoliceOne Columnist
Kurt Wyman was a husband, father, and a Marine who had served in Iraq in 2008 during the surge. One night, he answered a call and arrived to discover that 41-year-old Chris Patterson had armed and barricaded himself ... Daughter born next day
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State troopers escort geese off highway
Concerned motorists alerted an escort for a family of geese who somehow ended up on the highway.
Dancing cop stops traffic
Six years of dance performances while directing traffic have made this cop famous locally.
P1 Product Coverage
Eye protection for police officers
By Tim Dees, PoliceOne Contributor
There are some benefits to wearing glasses. The effects of wind, dust and things people may throw in your face are minimized. This is no small advantage. Consider how task-focused you were the last time you got something in your eye ... 3 great options
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TEA offers a wide variety of tactical and covert products that range from simple low cost headsets to some of the most cutting edge communication systems in the world. TEA's new web site features new tactical products, product training videos and also a section that helps customers find the right product for their specific communication needs.
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Tactical Tip
On patrol, forget the perfume, aftershave, and cologne
By PoliceOne Member Anthony Seciwa
If your fellow officers can smell you across a locker room, there's a good chance a Bad Guy can smell you during a building search ... Save it for someone special
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Genetec’s Omnicast Certified as Approved Product for US Homeland Security
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Tactical Command’s West Coast Division is Expanding Operations
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Aug. 23, 2011
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