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 Don't let your guard down, even when routine
 Memory trick for safety during traffic stops
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Featured News

Trafficker details gladiator fights, other barbarities
A cartel-connected trafficker told law enforcement that gangsters have kidnapped bus passengers and forced them into gladiatorlike fights to groom fresh assassins. 'They cut guys to pieces'
Today's Top Stories:
Police officer collapses, dies during training: Officer Kevin Sandoval died as he participated in departmental training
SWAT shots fired at Guerena 'reasonable and justified': Pima County Attorney's office vindicates SWAT team
Court tosses ex-cop's manslaughter charge
Handcuffed prostitute flees in stolen police car
Motorcylist hit by police blames software for accident
Off-duty police officer makes drug arrest
Arrests made after real gun used filming anti-violence PSA
SWAT team sent to fight flood in Iowa
PoliceOne Exclusive
Make assessments, not assumptions, on patrol stops
By Dan Danaher, PoliceOne Columnist
There is no such thing as a "low risk" stop. Let's face it, unless we have foreknowledge of the occupants or the pedestrians we interact with, every stop must be considered an "unknown risk" until it is investigated further ... Make them react to you
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Introducing the TASER® X2™, a Compact Multi-shot ECD.
The TASER® X2™ ECD is cost effective, simple to use, and similar in size to the TASER® X26™. The X2™ features a backup shot for miss recovery, dual lasers for improved accuracy, enhanced power magazine with more than 500 firings, and a warning arc that helps prevents conflict from escalating… all in a small, compact, everyday carry size.
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PoliceOne Exclusive
Vehicle stop and checkpoint tactics: A memory trick
By Thane Gallagher, PoliceOne Contributor
It is the inherent principle of dangerous unpredictability on our nation’s freeways, the incessant flow of potential terrorist threats, narcotics, contraband, illegal immigrants, and felons, all driving at high speeds, that negates the entire concept of "routine" ... Use 'ComSACC'
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Man runs from police, blames 'schizophrenia'
A suspect who fled police on a motorcycle during a traffic stop over the weekend said he did so because he did not believe it actually existed.
Angry birds dive-bomb Wash. officers
Crows have been attacking officers in the parking lot of the Everett Police Department's north precinct station. They've been swooping down and dive-bombing the officers as they walk to and from their cars.
Introducing the Next Generation Uniform Shirt
The comfort and durability of StreetGear® with whole new levels of safety, technology, and performance features. Blauer’s SuperShirt™ line redefines the uniform experience.
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Tactical Tip
Leave your wallet in your locker
By PoliceOne Senior Editor Doug Wyllie
An officer who had been killed in the line of duty happened to be carrying his wallet. The murderer took the cop's wallet, which contained his home address and other personal information ... Access to his family
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Pryme Introduces Advanced Bone Conduction Technology
Pryme’s new SPM-1600 Series takes bone conduction headsets to the next level with advanced technology mics that rest against the user’s temples, transmitting audio from vibrations below the skin. Dual ambient speakers leave the user’s ears uncovered, allowing them to hear outside activity.
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