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 Stay cool during sweaty summer patrol
 While on the range, is it possible to be too accurate or too fast?
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Dear PoliceOne Member,

Now that we have officially begun the summer season, let's all take a moment to refresh our memories on some basic officer safety practices for the long, hot days and nights of summer. Stay safe out there.

PoliceOne Senior Editor Doug Wyllie
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Boy driver safe after tense police pursuit
A 7-year-old Michigan boy, barefoot and in pajamas, drove a car for 20 miles, sometimes hitting speeds of 50 mph. Crying, he tried to drive to his dad's
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Killer gets life sentence for Texas officer's death: Charles Payne receives life in prison for 2009 murder of Senior Cpl. Norm Smith
Trial opens for NOPD cops in Katrina case: Danziger Bridge shootings happened days after flooding sent New Orleans into chaos
Controversy over arrest of woman who filmed traffic stop
Philadelphia settles 'stop and frisk' suit
Police pull over ambulance to arrest Okla. medic
Video: Boy rides in front of cruiser, is struck
Utah man updated Facebook status during standoff
NY man's tossed pot lands on police cruiser
PoliceOne Exclusive
Winning concepts for hand-to-hand combat
By Charles Remsberg, PoliceOne Columnist
There are only so many ways you can develop power in striking, and human kinesiology is such that elbows and knees can produce the most powerful, hardest-hitting strikes possible ... Your 'emergency sledgehammers'
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Get the Most Rugged, Semi-Rugged Notebook Computer Built
Designed from the ground up to fit the needs of public safety departments worldwide, the new Getac S400 is one of the most rugged semi-rugged computers on the market. Starting at just $1,649, it's time to upgrade the safety and performance of your patrol computers.
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PoliceOne Exclusive
Summertime patrol: 5 safety tips
By Lt. Andrew Hawkes, PoliceOne Columnist
If you have spent any amount of time on patrol, you've come to realize the truth in the rumors about how crazy it gets out there in the summer. There are a few essentials you will need out there on your beat ... Raining perspiration
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Sponsored by: Safariland
Cruiser bumps bear cub in Tenn. countryside
Dash cam footage shows the accidental collision between a cub and a cruiser that knocked the bear 25-30 ft down the road.
Gunman opens fire in NY tire shop
During the incident, the suspect raised his weapon and told the officers "You're not taking me alive."
New Function Fit by Horace Small
Your job can stretch you in every direction, and now the new Function Fit™ stretches with you. Horace Small has developed a revolutionary pant for our female customers. It feels great to introduce this versatile new fit, designed exclusively for our female customers—by women, for women.
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Tactical Tip
Can you be "too accurate" on the range?
By PoliceOne Senior Editor Doug Wyllie
Knowing how fast you can run your trigger and still get desired results is a judgment that only comes from experience. In firearms training, it's good to seek a balance between "too accurate" and "too fast" by pushing the envelope and stretching your skills ... Missing is triply disastrous
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The Gargoyles Shakedown is Function First
The Gargoyles Shakedown has everything you need in eyewear. Wrap-around coverage, ANSI protection, crystal clear lenses and an ultra lightweight nylon frame giving new meaning to FUNCTION FIRST. Protect your eyes from the elements, you only have one set.
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Training for a Transit Event in a Virtual Environment
[Meggitt Training Systems]

Digital Safety Technologies Releases Version 2.0 of its DP3 In-Car Digital Recording System
[Digital Safety Technologies, Inc.]
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