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 Case study: Prisoner slashes own throat in patrol car
 No good deed goes unpunished
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Watch the hands!
As evidenced by yet another 'brutality' video from the YouTube Nation, bystander videos can reinforce officer safety lessons. Proned-out and dangerous
Today's Top Stories:
N.C. officer dies in training incident: Officer Eli Colonroche likely suffered internal bleeding from a rappelling injury
Man charged with officer's death at hotel: Man accused of shooting Officer Timothy Warren planned to kill more cops
Fla. officers fired after on-duty ATV crash
Slain cop's dad backs murder registry
Video: Mob shoots fireworks at responding cops, firefighters
Texas cops talk man out of suicide
Suspect taunts police with Mexico e-mails
Fort Hood shooting suspect faces death penalty
PoliceOne Exclusive
In-custody death: A case study
By Charles Remsberg, PoliceOne Columnist
Nothing sends a wake-up call about the importance of searching thoroughly like having a prisoner slash his throat in the backseat of your patrol car. Small slips in tactics can quickly compound into a "perfect storm" ... From quiet to calamity
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P1 Humor Corner
No good deed goes unpunished
By Mike Peterson, PoliceOne Columnist
A group of investigators wanted to meet me after listening to a tape of two hours of my traffic stops. All my traffic violators were literally thanking me for giving them a ticket, but I thought all police officers were thanked by their violators ... 'Officer Friendly' meets 'Shrek'
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Police chase horse on highway
Police find a horse — a 7-year-old Arabian named Java — weaving in and out of oncoming traffic, jumping from the road into the median.
Wrong-way teen driver flees police
The teenager speeds backwards toward a roundabout and narrowly misses oncoming traffic as an unmarked police car and back-up vehicles attempt to stop him.
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Tactical Tip
Use 'outside-of-the-box' thinking in contraband searches
By PoliceOne Senior Editor Doug Wyllie
You must resist the temptation to make assumptions based on what appears obvious. "Oh, that's a suitcase. Obviously, there must be clothes in there." ... Or a man fleeing jail after a conjugal visit
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