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 Lessons from a surprise knife attack
 One exemplary police chief and his fall from grace
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Featured News

Deputy killed while trying to help friend
An off-duty Calif. officer was called to the home of a friend who was threatened by her ex-boyfriend. Suspect also killed
Today's Top Stories:
SF police arrest 35 in shooting protest: The crowd condemned Saturday's fatal shooting of a man who had fired at officers
Plane crash kills 2 off-duty officers: The single-engine plane crashed during takeoff
2 Pa. officers arrested in off-duty incidents
Shootings reported near DC firefighter patrols
Video: Police drop suspect with Taser after chase
Officer’s son, 3, fatally shoots himself
War vet says cop stopped savage attack
Deputy: Man resisted arrest to feel Taser
PoliceOne Exclusive
3 lessons from a surprise knife attack
By Charles Remsberg, PoliceOne Columnist
When knife slashes permeated the face, neck, and back of one Nashville cop, lessons about suspect control were truly driven home. A weapon he hadn't known existed was responsible for the attack ... Everything in slow motion
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What Do Departments Have To Say About
Digital Ally’s In-Car Video Systems?
"After installing two competitors’ digital units and having nothing but problems with not only the unit but also the lack of customer service, I revisited the subject and re-evaluated the Digital Ally units. I am very pleased with Digital Ally and would recommend them to anyone. "
Upper Allen Township (PA) PD
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PoliceOne Exclusive
Police leadership: A cautionary tale
By Karen L. Bune, PoliceOne Columnist
Chief David Baker was a visible leader. He was on the street and in the trenches, and he always stayed actively engaged with his troops. He retired from the Alexandria Police Department after an unfortunate incident that was totally out of character for him ... One lapse in judgment
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Hero Chihuahua scares off robbers
At one point, one of the men trying to rob the smoke shop points his rifle at the Chihuahua, but the dog is undaunted.
Ohio burglary suspect takes fatal bridge jump
Moments before his fatal jump, a man asked an officer, "Do you believe you go to heaven if you kill yourself?"
The Image MASSter Solo-101: a Low Cost, One-to-One Forensic Hard Drive Duplicator
One department wrote, "Solo 101 is fast, simple and easy to use. It is light weight and ultra portable, perfect for in the field acquisitions. High in features, low on price, just what we were looking for."
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Tactical Tip
Don't shrug off an edged weapon
By Marty Katz, PoliceOne Contributor
Anyone who says a suspect "only" had a knife is an idiot. If an experienced knife fighter gets in close, police may not have the opportunity to use their handgun before the damage is done ... See the aftermath
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