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 Celebrating warriors 10 years after 9/11
 24/7 tactical: Bringing safety measures home with you
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Featured News

Va. Police fatally shoot federal officer
Officers encountered Ricardo Leon, an off-duty Naval Observatory police officer, wielding a shotgun in the garage of a home. Wouldn't drop the weapon
Today's Top Stories:
Police: SF shooting suspect died from self-inflicted wound: The caliber of the bullet did not match the caliber used by police
17-year-old arrested in killing of Ga. deputy: Fallen officer Rick Daly Rick Daly had been a cop for more than two decades
NLEOMF: More cops dying by gunfire
Video: Off-duty NOPD officer pulls 2 guns in dispute
ACLU says LPRs 'cross the line'
Video: BART releases fatal shooting video
Video: Ohio cop berates driver over concealed weapon
LA traffic officer fired for being in porn film
News Analysis:
Blue-on-blue shootings: 'Ready round' for survivors
 By PoliceOne Senior Editor Doug Wyllie
Regardless of the circumstances, the officers involved may have feelings of guilt — they did, after all, shoot another cop. How the hell are they supposed to feel? You survived, you're okay, and I care about you
PoliceOne Exclusive
10 years after 9/11: Keeping the warrior spirit alive
By Brian Willis, PoliceOne Contributor
In the weeks that followed 9/11, the heroic deeds of the men and women of law enforcement continued to be told. For a time, the warrior spirit was a positive thing and the people of North America celebrated the warriors ... Has it faded?
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Pryme Introduces Wireless PTT Adapters
The WTX-500 Series adapter enables you to activate the PTT function of two-way radios wirelessly via a PTT transmitter (included) which can be held in your hand or attached to clothing or duty gear using the Velcro fastener. Comes with QD accessory jack, allowing you to use it with any of Pryme’s X05 products.
Get 10% off WTX-500 Series adapters!
PoliceOne Exclusive
24/7 tactical: 7 tips for off-duty safety
By Sgt. Glenn French, PoliceOne Columnist
One nut job can wreak havoc on you and your family. One night, I was off duty and a man knocked on my door. The knucklehead knew I was a cop because I would park my squad car in my driveway ... Learned from my mistake
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Sponsored by: Safariland
Russian Cop Quits After Urinating in Precinct Hallway
A drunken 'bathroom' visit led to a Russian cop's resignation after the video circulated online. Where he stashed the bottle remains unclear.
Handcuffed Prisoner Jumps From Cruiser
A prisoner inside a cruiser asked to have the window rolled down. He was vomiting, so the driver naturally complied, but more than just the contents of his stomach ended up out the moving vehicle's window.
P1 First Person
Your hidden talents
By Gary Neece, PoliceOne Member
As a profession, we're talented people. Each and every day we’re forced to reach into our ever expanding tool-box and discover a new skill set, but our talents are not limited to the uniform as we so often believe. More than departmental goals
Save Time & Money by Automating Your Incident Reporting
PreSynct Technologies is your go-to vendor for user-friendly data entry, incident reporting, and third-party RMS integration. Working together, we automate your incident reporting lifecycle with accurate, thorough, and timely incident information and eliminate the need to rekey data into your RMS. Call 866-773-7962 today!
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Video Tactical Tip
Toolbox approach to using your baton
With Gary Klugiewicz
The baton can be used at an array of situations — from enhancing officer presence and verbalization, all the way up to control, protection, and deadly force ... Use of force continuum
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ARMOR™ Fully Rugged Tablet Optimizes Police Communications
The ARMOR X10gx rugged tablet from DRS Technologies (www.drsarmor.com) is designed for law enforcement applications. It features advanced technology like Gobi™ mobile broadband, 802.11a/g/n wireless LAN, Class 2 Bluetooth® v2.0, and integrated GPS. The durable ARMOR X10gx weighs just 4.7 lbs., and is certified to MIL-STD-810G and IP 67.
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P1 Member Photo of the Week
Stand back...

An explosion of fire and debris lights up the Georgia Bureau of Investigation's Bomb Disposal Unit during a training exercise in this submission from PoliceOne Member Brad Parks.

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