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 Different cultures of highway patrol
 Detaining suspects who leave search warrant locations
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Featured News

NYPD pioneers new dirty bomb detection system
Ground-breaking technology is expected to increase police's ability to detect and thwart a potential radiation attack. 2,000 mobile radiation detectors
Today's Top Stories:
Cop missing after search for girl in river: Converse County Deputy Bryan Gross went into the North Platte River Thursday night
Chicago's top cop defends officers in shootings: McCarthy: Suspects recently shot by police refused to drop weapons
Ticket for truck 'testicles' sparks trial
SWAT sting finds $3 million of heroin
Video: APD officer-involved shooting unfolds
Fugitive taunts police on Facebook to catch him, cops oblige
Soldier 'condemned' '09 Ft. Hood attack
YouTube car crashes aid police in safe driving efforts
PoliceOne Exclusive
Your agency's highway patrol 'culture'
By Lt. Andrew Hawkes, PoliceOne Columnist
How each and every agency "works" the highways varies. Some agencies are just too busy with responsibilities in the heart of their cities to worry too much about the interstates, while many consider highway enforcement their top priority ... What determines your culture?
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PoliceOne Analysis
Detaining suspects who leave search warrant locations
By Ken Wallentine, PoliceOne Columnist
A warrant includes "the limited authority to detain the occupants of the premises," but in court, this has been inconsistently applied. Can persons entering the zone around the location and persons who drive away from the location both be legally detained? ... Confronting inconsistencies
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Sponsored by: Safariland
Cyclist 'doored' by NYPD cruiser
A cyclist armed with a camera captured the door of an NYPD cruiser knock him to the ground as he rode his bike down a city street near Grand Central Station.
Controversial cellblock 'abuse' footage
Officers are seen dragging a woman into a cellblock with her arms handcuffed behind her back. She is suing the police department over the incident.
P1 First Person
Evil, Kato, and Murphy’s Law
By Gerald Machurick, PoliceOne Member
In the movie series "The Pink Panther," a character named Kato takes his instructions far too seriously, often with hilarious results. In our line of work, "Kato" sometimes appears as "Murphy’s Law," based on the principle that if something can go wrong, it will ... Murphy fails
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Video Tactical Tip
Single wrist grab to straight armbar
With Joe Ferrera
Ferrera looks at a scenario in which the subject has hold of the wrist with just one hand in a same-side grab. From the escape, he moves to an armbar control technique ... Seamless transition
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    P1 Member Photo of the Week
    Cruise through the woods

    The beautiful Mark Twain National Forest in southern Missouri creates a nice backdrop for two cruisers in this submission from PoliceOne Member Sgt. Brad Cole.

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