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 Reporting to duty the morning of September 11, 2001
 Firearms training: Mastering the basics
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Featured News

Video released in fatal shooting of Md. cop
Footage shows the fight leading up to an exchange of gunfire that killed Officer William Torbit in January. Blue on blue
Today's Top Stories:
Suspect ID'd in Pa. police officer's slaying: Freemansburg Officer Robert Lasso was fatally shot Thursday
Fullerton police chief takes medical leave: Chief Michael Sellers has come under fire following the death of a homeless man
Conn. conference addresses rise in police suicides
Rome police in togas investigate 'Gladiators'
'Barefoot Bandit' movie profits will go to victims
AP analysis: Cutbacks in meth war
RI man shot twice in 5 weeks on same street
Ky. cops add computers for mounted patrol
PoliceOne Exclusive
Reporting to duty the morning of September 11, 2001
By Lt. Andrew Hawkes, PoliceOne Columnist
The day the twin towers were hit, it was as if police had immediately become an extension of national security. Now, it's ten years later and we're still looking for that knock out punch to get the sons of bitches that did this to us ... Not afraid to fight
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Grow a Pair. Win a Pair. Gargoyles Eyewear Challenge
When did sunglasses go from being gear to being fashion accessories? Sunglasses were invented with one purpose - to protect your eyes. Sunglasses' purpose has been stripped away as they have become face decorations. But that stops now. Gargoyles is fighting back. Are you with us? Will you take the Gargoyles Pledge to take sunglasses back?
Submit your own pledge to win a Gargoyles Man Kit
PoliceOne Exclusive
Firearms training: Mastering the basics
By Chris Cerino, PoliceOne Contributor
Think of how many times you have heard coaches say, “Looks like it is back to the basics for us!” on the news after a major loss. That statement makes me think that the basics are pretty important ... Glued to cardboard
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Sponsored by: Safariland
NYPD unit saves 30 Rock jumper
A desperate man hopped a 6-foot barrier outside the "Top of the Rock" observation deck yesterday and spent a terrifying hour threatening to jump before officers saved him.
Police cruisers chase escaped bull
Several cruisers chased the charging animal before it was captured with the help of lasso-carrying wranglers.
P1 First Person
Remembering the little things
By Tracy Basterrechea, PoliceOne Member
We all get frustrated by the mundane calls — I get it — but we cannot ignore the little things or over time our community becomes unhealthy and maybe that becomes terminal ... Little things become violent crimes
ARMOR™ Fully Rugged Tablet Optimizes Police Communications
The ARMOR X10gx rugged tablet from DRS Technologies (www.drsarmor.com) is designed for law enforcement applications. It features advanced technology like Gobi™ mobile broadband, 802.11a/g/n wireless LAN, Class 2 Bluetooth® v2.0, and integrated GPS. The durable ARMOR X10gx weighs just 4.7 lbs., and is certified to MIL-STD-810G and IP 67.
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Video Tactical Tip
Precautions when social networking
By Sgt. Betsy Brantner Smith
Social networking sites can affect officer safety and career survival. Be careful what you post online, because it could end up subject to an internal investigation ... Keep your job safe
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What's Virtually Indestructible, Multi-Functional, Lightweight and Versatile?
The New Energizer® Hard Case® Tactical® Lights. Cutting-edge LED technology, infrared and strobing IR for IFF, discrete switches and powered by lightweight, long lasting AA Energizer® Ultimate Lithium batteries ensures today’s tactical personnel can depend on the durable, versatile Energizer® Hard Case® Tactical® lights to be mission ready!
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P1 Member Photo of the Week
Stopped dead in its tracks

Officer Michael Villanti of the Portland Police Bureau pulled over this hearse for not displaying a license plate, and ended up towing it for lacking insurance. Yes, there was a casket in the back.

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