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 Sheepdogs will never forget
 Video Tactical Tip: Periodic pistol maintenance
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Featured News

Ala. Officer pronounced dead
Officer Justin Sollohub, 27, died as a result of a shootout that occurred on Wednesday morning. His organs will be donated to two different recipients.
Star of force, fallen
Today's Top Stories:
Off-duty Calif. cop killed in motorcycle crash: Christopher Blakeley, 26, possibly ran a red light and struck a pickup truck
Third video shows Canton cop making death threats: Records show 18 complaints have been made against officer since 2000
LAPD: Man shot and killed after stabbing officer
Video: Man pins down drunk driver
Fullerton cops receive death threats
Ex-police officer sentenced in AK stolen ID case
Ala. deputy's wife shot while committing burglary
Ind. woman on 'bath salts' crashes into squad cars
PoliceOne Exclusive
Firearms training: Shoot to thrill or teach the skill?
By Ken Hardesty, PoliceOne Contributor
Do firearms instructors have the right and privilege of discharging several hundred rounds during the course of instruction? ... Prioritize your students, not your skills
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Order More Handcuffs, You’re Going to
Need Them
Simply put, the new features in Accurint for Law Enforcement will result in more apprehensions. With more data, enhanced search functionality, and no-cost subscription benefits like the LexisNexis Investigators Network, you will increase your case clearances and close cases faster.
Get your free trial today
PoliceOne Exclusive: 9/11 10th Anniversary
Sheepdogs will never forget
By Chuck Joyner, PoliceOne Columnist
"We will never forget.” Sadly, I think many in this country have already forgotten. But sheepdogs will never forget. We sheepdogs will remain ready to prevent another 9/11 ... "It was surreal"
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Sponsored by: Safariland
SUV slams squad car head-on
A truck is seen suddenly swerving to avoid an out-of-control SUV that slams into the squad car after barreling down the road. The 22-year-old driver was intoxicated at the time of the crash.
Man shoves snakes down his pants
Police in Arizona said they arrested a man who allegedly tried to steal exotic reptiles - including albino boa constrictors - by shoving them into his pants.
P1 First Person
Targeted firearms training
By Mark Schraer, PoliceOne Member
Providing firearms training once or twice a year should no longer be viewed as acceptable in our profession. We are kidding ourselves if we believe that someone who last trained with their pistol in January is fully prepared to win an unexpected gunfight six months later.
How often does your force train?
Introducing the Multi-Use ThermoSight T50 Thermal Weapon Sight
An uncooled weapon sight that doubles as a portable reconnaissance scope, T50 is designed to interface with scopes such as the Trijicon® ACOG® for the M-4/M-16 and similar weapons. Longwave thermal imaging sensor provides crisp imagery through total darkness, fog, smoke, dust, and many other obscurants.
Get the ThermoSight T50 today
Video Tactical Tip
Periodic pistol maintenance
Scott Kenneson, Senior Instructor for the Sig Sauer Academy, goes through some of the typical pistol cleaning and maintenance procedures you’ll want to keep in mind ...
Watch the video
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Learn & Have Fun at the Best Homeland Security Training with SSI!
This year's Global Security Workshop is November 11-19, 2011 in Israel, Tel Aviv. More than 400 security professionals have joined SSI’s trip since 2005. New program, new activities. Visit school security; retail; infrastructure; VIP protection; Ports and more.
For further details call 866-573-3999 ext. 101
P1 Member Photo of the Week
Range target

Officer Ray Golden submitted this photo, which captures a unique view of Officer Mike Higgins at a range day for California Highway Patrol. Don't shoot!

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