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 Special Coverage: 9/11 10th Anniversary
 Street cops see threats first
 Print for Roll Call  View Online  Products  Subscribe Week 558 ? Sept. 9, 2011
Dear PoliceOne Member,

As we approach the tenth anniversary of 9/11, let us take a moment to reflect on that horrific day and visit the ways in which it has affected policing a decade later. To remember the solemn occasion upon us, PoliceOne contributors share their varied perspectives in the special coverage section of today's newsletter and in our dedicated page on PoliceOne.

PoliceOne Senior Editor Doug Wyllie
Featured News

NYPD's fallen are remembered
Cops are symbols of hope and justice and safety and caring, and yes, of the warrior spirit ? we solemnly remembered 73 of America's Finest at the Lincoln Center's commemorative event. Renewed appreciation
Today's Top Stories:
NYPD to release OIS reports: The New York Civil Liberties Union requested the release
Okla. town's only officer killed in wreck: Tommy Reed, 60, died after his motorcycle veered off the highway
Boston police fatally shoot hit-and-run suspect
Records: Man died of brain injuries after struggle with cops
12 years for ex-Chicago cop in corruption case
9/11 News:
Searches, checkpoints in NY amid threat report
10 years later, NY responders communicate better
Terrorism lessons we (should have) learned
News Analysis:
Reluctant heroes
 By Dr. Laurence Miller
Heroized personnel often can't understand why they may feel uncomfortable - even irritable and resentful - at all the attention they're getting from well-meaning civilian admirers. Most of these people don't have a clue as to what it takes to carry out a complex and dangerous intervention action. Sometimes we don't feel heroic
Special Coverage Section
10 years after 9/11
Read some of our P1 contributors' thoughts, analyses, and perspectives of 9/11.

The last casualties

Police officers' names on the 9/11 Memorial

Counterterrorism, cops, and training for 'when'

8 pre-attack indicators of terrorist activity

LWTS honorable mentions

Cops who traded their lives for our freedom
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PoliceOne Exclusive: 9/11 10th Anniversary
The mission of the cop on the beat
By Ken Wallentine
American law enforcement agencies are out front in domestic counterterrorism ? street cops are the first to perceive changes that might evolve into a terrorist threat ...
Eyes and ears of public safety
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'23' NYPD 9/11 Tribute
A tribute to the 23 NYPD officers who experienced evil firsthand, giving their lives to protect our freedom. Although they died September 11, 2001, their names and faces live on.
Aftermath of Flight 93
"This is the remains of an airplane crash over on Lambertsville Road," a Pennsylvania resident said calmly. "Probably a terrorist bomb on board that blew up."
P1 First Person: 9/11 10th Anniversary
In support of the Zadroga Bill and the Victims Compensation Fund
By John Feal and Sean Riordan
After problems manifested themselves for first responders who suffered ill health effects after 9/11, Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney authored a bill that would properly compensate those that became sick ... Original fund was closed
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Poem: 9/11 10th Anniversary
That day in September
By Dan Marcou
My Fellow Americans you shall hear,
A story, whose retelling may inspire a tear.
A story of a day we all must remember,
It all started on the eleventh...

... That day in September
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