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 Police pursuits, seat belts, and the 'Pearly Gates'
 Measuring compliance when applying handcuffs
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Dear PoliceOne Member,

Our friends at Calibre Press are rewarding a Facebook fan and one guest with a free trip to Vegas to attend the Dec. 6 Street Survival Seminar. Senior Instructor Dave Smith and the Calibre team have recently updated their curriculum, with new videos and some great new stories to share. "Like" their Facebook page to be entered in the giveaway.

PoliceOne Senior Editor Doug Wyllie
Featured News

Del. sergeant fatally stabbed by suspect
Delaware officers remember an 18-year police veteran who was stabbed to death in a fight with a suspect he was taking into custody. Suspect in custody
Today's Top Stories:
NOPD cops sentenced for '05 fatal beating: Cop sentenced to 22 yrs. in prison for beating; his partner given 6 yrs. for cover up
Firing process begun for Omaha cops in arrest video: Footage shows suspect Robert Wagner struggling to resist arrest
NJ police fatally shoot knife-wielding man
Police shoot 2 dogs attacking owner in Calif
Ky. Amish men jailed for refusing safety triangles
Fake cop who forced woman to undress pleads guilty
Police in NC merge data on criminals with new system
US probe seeks to change immigrant fingerprint use
PoliceOne Exclusive
Police pursuits, seat belts, and the 'Pearly Gates'
By Duane Wolfe, PoliceOne Contributor
You were given intelligence and the ability to make decisions of your own free will. It is your job to consciously decide to keep yourself safe and preserve the precious life that has been granted to you. ... Wear your seatbelt
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PoliceOne Exclusive
How do we take back the uniform from police impersonators?
By Marty Katz, PoliceOne Contributor
Presently, anyone can outfit themselves to give the appearance that they are a sworn officer. In addressing the growing problem of criminals impersonating law enforcement, the starting point must be to review the availability of purchasing various law enforcement items ... Times have changed
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Bathroom break disrupts DWI pursuit in NM
A man suspected of driving under the influence stopped, unzipped his pants, and relieved himself in the middle of the police pursuit.
Man calls 911 after Taco Bell refuses service
A drunk Florida man was arrested for misuse of the 911 system after he walked up to a Taco Bell and was refused service.
PoliceOne First Person
Should suspects remove their hands from their pockets?
By Anthony Ciampi, PoliceOne Member
Although officers can develop some good habits, they should constantly evaluate their mission-tactics. By understanding the dynamics of human interaction and predatory attack, it may or may not be necessary to demand a suspect to take specific action. Awareness goes a long way
LRAD®, Command Attention Without the Use of Lethal Force
Used by Pittsburgh Police to successfully communicate with and move unruly crowds during the 2009 G20 Summit. "It is designed to get people to do what police want. It makes them uncomfortable but does not hurt them"
- Raymond DeMichiei
Pittsburgh's Deputy Director of Emergency Management and Homeland Security
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Video Tactical Tip
Measuring compliance when applying handcuffs
Lt. Kevin Dillon provides a brief overview of handcuffing. First and foremost it is important to measure the level of compliance before approaching and cuffing an individual ... Watch the video
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P1 Photo of the Week

This week's photo comes from Sgt. R.T. Stevens, a Patrol Sergeant and Gang Investigator with the Southampton County (Va.) Sheriff's Office, who helped clear a crushed red pickup from the road.

Want to submit your photo for consideration as P1 Photo of the Week? Email us and be sure to include your name, department information, and address (city, state and ZIP) where we can reach you.

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