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 Keys for when the chase is on
 Constant tactical positioning
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Dear PoliceOne Member,

If I were chief of police, I’d make sure every officer had access to the highest-quality training available, and I’d participate in every training we provide. I’d also invite local reporters to train with us (well, for a little while at least) to better inform them about police work.

What would you do if you were chief? Tell us and we may publish your response on PoliceOne. You can, of course, indicate that you wish to remain anonymous.

PoliceOne Senior Editor Doug Wyllie
Featured News

Video: Officer shoots knife-wielding teen
Then-16-year-old Pao Khang received a 5-year sentence for various charges, including reckless endangerment. Ineligible for early release
Today's Top Stories:
Miss. officer dies laying spike strips: Capt. John Wayne Haddock was hit trying to stop a car carrying 2 burglary suspects
Report, video released in Wis. officer death: Officer Craig Birkholz was killed after being shot above and below his tactical vest
NM firefighter poses as cop, pulls over detective
Cops arrest man for child porn after tipoff from burglars
NY police dept. asks suspects to take survey
Family of NY shootout victim plans to sue city
12 arrested; drugs, weapons seized in gang raids
Cops kill man Calif. quarry shooting suspect
PoliceOne Exclusive
Surviving foot pursuits: Keys for when the chase is on
By Dan Danaher, PoliceOne Contributor
It is a cop’s job to catch bad guys. Therefore, when the bad guys run, the cops give chase. Foot pursuits are inherently dangerous and should be guided by tactics rather than our impulse to catch the bad guys ... 4 key questions
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    PoliceOne Exclusive
    Can you help NY cops crack the Gilgo Beach case?
    By PoliceOne Senior Editor Doug Wyllie
    Detective Thomas Sergeant Groneman of the Suffolk County Police Department Homicide Squad is asking for investigators across the country to study and consider the provided details as they may relate to one of their open cases ... View the images
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    Cops vs. firefighters cagefight
    Cops and firefighters squared off Friday in Baltimore in a cagefighting contest to benefit the Xtreme Cage Wars Foundation.
    Nissan GT-R becomes a cop car
    A company that outfits police vehicles with lights and sirens introduced a 2012 Nissan GT-R for officers to use undercover.
    P1 First Person
    Understanding the OODA Loop
    By Member Kevin Jeffries (with Lance Nickell)
    Responses to threatening encounters can be broken down into four recurring phases: Observe, Orient, Decide, and Act. Further, the key to success is to speed through the process faster than your opponent, and perform in an unexpected manner. Challenge your opponent
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    Video Tactical Tip
    Constant tactical positioning
    George Matheis of Modern Combative Systems discusses and demonstrates what he calls constant tactical positioning by putting yourself in a position in which you are least likely to be attacked ... Watch the video
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    P1 Member Photo of the Week
    It's an honor

    This photo, sent to us by Jeff Raines, features the Ridgefield, CT Police Honor Guard at the 2011 Westport, CT ceremony for the living 9/11 memorial, which is run by the CT State Police.

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