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 International Officer of the Year is Michael Neal
 Wired to kill: Are we innate murderers?
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Featured News

Heart surgeon saves officer after suspect slashed throat
Samad Tadjkarimi, a retired surgeon, assisted two officers who were stabbed by one of Britain's most dangerous men. (Press Assoc. Ltd.) Jailed for life
Today's Top Stories:
Patience tested over waste, crime at 'Occupy' protest sites: Recent clashes in Oakland and Atlanta come on heels of concerns about crime, sanitation
Halloween partier with gold toy gun shot by Calif. cops: A hotel receptionist called police about a man carrying a gun at his waist
Cop impersonator arrested for series of sexual assaults
Calif. parolee rams car during police chase, kills driver
Okla. cop killed in pickup truck wreck
Feds not helping Ala. enforce immigration law
Ga. man convicted in plot to seize courthouse
2 NYPD cops face discipline trial in shooting
Editor's Corner
IACP 2011: International Officer of the Year is Michael Neal
By PoliceOne Senior Editor Doug Wyllie
We've all seen the video of Arkansas Game & Fish Wildlife Officer Neal ramming his truck into that minivan and taking on the gunmen who were after two of his own. He was recognized at IACP for his extreme heroism ... More awards on the way?
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Training to Think
Wired to kill: Are we innate murderers?
By Sgt. Steve Papenfuhs, P1 Columnist
Each of us has contemplated the necessity of responding to a threat with deadly force. At the same time, many of us are not immune from the hope that negative consequences will befall those nemeses of ours ... Are these thoughts normal?
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Walk through Salt Lake City's new police headquarters
Take a look at the $125 million building set to open in 2013.
Cops confront mob outside state fair
One officer is seen trying to arrest a teenager who seems to fight back.
Editor's Corner
IACP 2011: Officer safety is #1 concern of chiefs
By PoliceOne Senior Editor Doug Wyllie
According to the FBI’s LEOKA 2010, 56 LEOs were feloniously killed in the line of duty last year, 72 died in on-duty accidents, and 53,469 were assaulted in the line of duty. What can we do to increase officer safety? Information is power
LRAD®: Command Attention Without the Use of Lethal Force
Used by Pittsburgh Police to successfully communicate with and move unruly crowds during the 2009 G20 Summit. "It is designed to get people to do what police want. It makes them uncomfortable but does not hurt them."
- Raymond DeMichiei
Pittsburgh's Deputy Director of Emergency Management and Homeland Security
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Tactical Tip
Tactical kindness: Soften your initial contact
By PoliceOne Senior Editor, Doug Wyllie
If you need to approach someone to get information on a crime — a perp or witness — and you predict that they’ll stonewall you, try softening your initial verbal contact as a means of easing their resistance to talking to you ... Find common ground
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Black Hills Ammunition is well known for manufacturing premium .223 ammunition for sporting, defensive and law enforcement needs. Less known is that Black Hills is also a leading supplier of specialty 5.56mm to the U.S. Military. New for 2011, Black Hills is releasing two 5.56mm offerings for commercial sale.
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