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 Domestics: Why don’t they just leave?
 Where are your handcuffs?
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Featured News

Grandson charged in death of off-duty Ill. cop
A ninth-grade student was charged as an adult in the death of Hester Scott, 55, who had been a police officer for 25 years. Authorities say Scott caught her grandson skipping school. (ABC Image) Beaten with a lamp
Today's Top Stories:
NJ detective, off duty, killed outside club: Michael Morgan was killed as he tried to stop a robbery outside a strip club early Mon.
Calif. cop dies after surgery for on-duty injury: Daniel Clark was recovering at home from a corrective procedure on his ankle
Fla. couple allegedly stole police car for sex
$9M richer, informant unmasks himself at NY trial
Court to look at life in prison for juveniles
Feds probe Calif. law enforcement weapon sales
DA: NYC gang kept guns in stoops, mailboxes
Wanted Pa. man arrested wearing 'inmate' costume
Safety Behind the Wheel
Let's be honest about our speed
By Capt. Travis Yates, PoliceOne Columnist
The first fact we must acknowledge is that we drive too fast for conditions way too often. The truth is that in more instances than we would care to hear about, we have risked our safety only to arrive on a scene with nothing happening ... Speak up
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Laser Ally Handheld LIDAR Now On
WSCA Contract
Bypass the bidding process and receive $500 off the popular Laser Ally (may require WSCA/NASPO approval). The lightweight, balanced and convenient Laser Ally acquires vehicles in only .3 seconds and cannot be stopped by congested traffic, bad weather, windows or obstacles.
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SWAT Officer
Domestics: Why don’t they just leave?
By Lt. Dan Marcou, PoliceOne Columnist
You could ask any patrol officer to name the ten most dangerous moments in their career and it is likely that at least three are domestic violence calls. Inevitably an officer asks at some point, "Why doesn’t the victim just leave?" ... A few reasons they stay
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Bulldog, NYPD horse now best friends
If only all Occupy encounters could be as harmonious as this one, featuring a curious dog and a patient horse.
Martial arts competitors foil LA robbery
A pair in town for a jujitsu tournament took down the robbery suspect with a leg sweep.
Speak Anywhere and Hear Everything
INVISIO® Bone Conduction Headsets are one of the most unique headset systems in the world. Patented bone conduction technology allows you to be heard with ultimate clarity speaking normally or even at a whisper. Try then buy...30-day product evaluation program available.
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Tactical Tip
Where are your handcuffs?
By J. Wade, PoliceOne Member
Many officers carry handcuffs on their duty belt right in the middle of their backs. This can cause serious injury to your spine if you get into a fight and fall back onto them ... Please don't do this
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New Commercial Handheld Thermal Cameras
Starting as low as $1,999, the New FLIR Scout PS-Series thermal cameras are small, lightweight and provide powerful imagery. The PS-Series thermal cameras create images from heat, allowing users to see in the darkest environments while providing a tactical advantage in the wild.
Escape from the dark

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Large, Statewide Tactical Force to Receive Tactical Headsets Systems from TCI
[Tactical Command Industries]

Municipal Graphics Releases Newest Project Design
[Municipal Graphics]
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