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 Dynamic entry... via squad car
 LEO-TEMS: Shot doesn't equal dead
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Featured News

Deputy wrestles retired deputy on dash cam
Dash cam was released Tuesday showing a retired Ore. deputy and another deputy — who was later fired — struggle during a traffic stop. (YouTube Image) Case went to court
Today's Top Stories:
Arrests made in NJ detective's death: At least two people were arrested in connection to killing an off-duty Newark detective
Va. police fatally shoot suspect in woman's abduction: A gun-wielding suspect stole a car and took the female passenger hostage
Stabbed NM cop testifies: Feared for life
Minn. cops TASER suspect toting Airsoft gun
Driver charged for ramming truck into police station
Handler shoots, kills K-9 while trying to save him
Police in DC will 'adjust tactics' for Occupy protesters
Calif. man convicted in booby trap police attacks
News Analysis:
Complete public transparency
 By Gary T. Klugiewicz, PoliceOne Columnist
Recently, an Alabama officer was fired over a TASERing incident that happened in local jail. The real importance of this recent news article is not whether the officer's actions are justifiable or not but rather a concept that Dr. George Thompson of the Verbal Judo Institute developed. That concept states that everything an officer does will eventually come out to and be reviewed in the full light of day. Look good and sound good
10-8: Life on the Line
Dynamic entry... via squad car
By Charles Remsberg, PoliceOne Columnist
During an ILEETA presentation on Active Threat Response, trainer Don Alwes suggested using your cruiser to "ram your way into a building in an absolutely worst-case scenario where you need to get in fast" ... 6 tips
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Safety Vision’s SafeDrive MiniDVR™ is an event-based mobile DVR that installs directly to the windshield and incorporates both a forward-facing road-view camera and a rear-facing cabin-view camera to record video, audio, and metadata conveniently to a high capacity and economical CompactFlash® card, providing high quality in a compact and affordable package.
Reduce accidents and improve driving performance
Issues in Tactical EMS
LEO-TEMS: Shot doesn't equal dead
By Samuel Gets, PoliceOne Columnist
What the police officer does initially after an injury could mean life or death. Training and education in self-care/buddy-care for police officers involved in tactical situations can be obtained from the healthcare provider on the team ... Have you been trained?
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Revenge? New video targets speeding FHP troopers
A video is being used to support claims that Florida Highway Patrol officers were speeding without their lights flashing.
Perp hood ornament
Guy gets run over by a police cruiser.
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Tactical Tip
Lighten up! Choose salad for lunch
By PoliceOne Senior Editor Doug Wyllie
Eating light in the mid-day has a bevy of benefits. And police can reap healthy rewards all day by choosing the soup and salad option as often as it is made available to them ... Eat right, live longer
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Improve Your Department's Operations with Paperless Incident Reporting
Too much data and not enough information? Writing and distributing incident reports, retyping into multiple systems and searching paper files takes up time and effort that should be spent focused on mission critical tasks. PreSynct Technologies provides robust paperless incident reporting solutions that not only reduce your carbon footprint, but significantly improve your operations.
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