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 Treating the administrative migraine
 Failure to lock back an empty magazine
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Featured News

Suspect lunges at Ind. cop before slashing face
Newly-released video shows a suspect lunge at an Ind. police officer moments before responding officers fatally shot him after slashing a fellow cop's face with a knife. (WLFI Image) 7 shots fired
Today's Top Stories:
Calif. police officer killed chasing robbers: Vallejo Officer Jim Capoot was chasing suspects who had robbed a Bank of America
US Justice Dept. to probe Fla. police shootings: The former police chief, Miguel Exposito, defended the shootings as justified
Retired Pa. cop arrested at Occupy demonstration
Chicago cop says fire captain pushed him
Video: Cops say student swallowed dope, claimed 'beating'
Calif. city votes to dissolve police
Cops shut down pedophile-catching 'superheroes'
Texas cop saves boy from zip-tie strangulation
P1 First Person
What can LEOs learn from the Penn State scandal?
In a recent Ethical Warrior column, a vignette called “The Bully” was used to illustrate why philosophy is important for the law enforcement officer — and all of us. We can apply this concept to the Penn State situation, and specifically the question, "Is there an internal, natural-law requirement for us all to act as ethical protectors — if we can?" ... Is JoePa moral?
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Suddenly, Less is More
Introducing L-3 Mobile-Vision's V-One, the small, more powerful alternative to traditional 3-piece MDCs. Key features, such as a solid-state hard drive, an Intel® i7 processor, 4 GB of RAM, optical drive, internal wireless and Bluetooth® aren’t extras. They’re standard. V-One does everything you want it to do in one convenient package.
Learn why the V-One is better than traditional MDC's
Control Concepts for Law Enforcement
Is training in Mixed Martial Arts the right thing for your officers?
By Ross Torquato, PoliceOne Columnist
The physical skills needed to win must be simple, based on gross motor movements, learnable in an eight-hour session once a year, and practiced for about ten repetitions ... Concepts under stress
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Cop chases escaped dog on freeway
A video taken from a helicopter shows the dog run into traffic as cars whiz past. "This'll be at my retirement party," one officer said.
Navy warns against 'spice' drug
A new YouTube video developed by the Navy warns service members about the synthetic marijuana known as spice.
Rural Policing
Treating the administrative migraine
By Pat Novesky, PoliceOne Columnist
Use the skills you have — conducting investigative stops, doing community work, working your informants, and keeping your eyes peeled — and take some ownership of your jurisdiction.
Things are different out here
The Big Data Era in Law Enforcement Has Arrived
Manage large and growing data volumes, safely maintain data for long periods of time and simply and efficiently scale storage to meet the growing demand. Let EMC solve your agency's data storage challenges.
Download the white paper today to learn more
Tactical Tip
Failure to lock back an empty magazine
In this video tactical tip, Scott Kenneson with the Sig Sauer Academy discusses one of the most commonly seen "shooter-induced issues" with pistols ... Diagnosing the issue
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Master of Criminology from Regis University
Our Master’s in Criminology can be taken online or on-campus. The program analyzes criminal behavior, its causes, and its patterns. It is designed to teach you to predict and prevent crime of all kinds, from terrorism to white-collar fraud. Both the online and on-campus format are the same classes taught by the same distinguished staff of Regis professors.
Get started with your degree
P1 Member Photo of the Week
Should I pull over?

This week's photo comes from Chief Serena Booth of the Point, Texas PD, who wrote: "I had pulled over to call dispatch when I looked in my sideview and saw this face. I literally laughed out loud!"

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