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 Tech to fight the battle of the bulge
 Hidden information in suspects' cell phones
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Featured News

Restraining kids: 'No easy answer'
After a 7-year-old autistic boy was handcuffed at his Albuquerque elementary school following a 3-hour outburst, authorities debate appropriate ways to handle violent children. (KOB Image) Cuffs or no cuffs?
Today's Top Stories:
NYPD cop intervenes in scuffle on flight: Off-duty cop subdued an intoxicated passenger who attacked a flight attendant
Armed man enters Chicago police station, is hospitalized: A man carrying a fully-loaded rifle said he was declaring martial law
Ariz. lawmakers say they will build border fence
Toronto officer faces sentence for testicle grab
Iowa videographer convicted of police interference
Philly calm but 4 arrested in LA after Occupy deadlines
Inmate rips Ore. governor for execution halt
Fresh outrage over deadly Ariz. SWAT raid
News Analysis:
3 keys to dealing with "out of control" children
 By Sgt. Betsy Brantner Smith, PoliceOne Columnist
Most cops have a natural ability to deal well with kids, but when you get that call to assist a parent because Johnny is getting out of hand, don’t let complacency turn a citizen assist into a deadly assault. When dealing with unruly children remember to gather as much information from the parties involved — including family members — and don't worry about people's misconceptions. Times have changed
Officer Safety
Is TASER 'overused' or just plain used?
By Dan Marcou, PoliceOne Columnist
You can’t engage in a discussion about TASER — whether among law enforcement professionals or with individuals who are not in police work — without someone raising the specter of "overuse" ... Why is TASER used so often?
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Introducing Eleven 10's Duty Belt Tourniquet/Self-Aid Pouch
A tourniquet may save your life in a lethal force encounter. Eleven 10’s Duty Belt Tourniquet/Self-Aid Pouch holds a SOF-T Tourniquet and a hemostatic dressing, and mounts to your duty belt either vertically or horizontally. Keep your medical equipment where it should be, on your belt!
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Police Products
Smartphone apps to fight battle of the bulge
By Tim Dees, PoliceOne Columnist
Remember when the word 'apps' meant puffed pastry treats and other such pre-supper snacks? Now, there are a variety of apps available to help keep your diet in check and record your workouts ... Stay moving and motivated
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Ariz. cops under fire for Walmart arrest
A YouTube video shows 54-year-old Jerald Allen Newman unconscious and covered in blood after a police officer took him to the ground.
Calif. cops rescue kitten trapped in pipe
Video shows police and fire departments working to rescue a kitten who was trapped in a pipe.
Special Feature
Training your K-9's bark alert
By Steve Sprouse, PoliceOne Contributor
In searching for and locating hidden suspects, a patrol dog's bark is a valuable tool. Alerts are primarily conditioned behaviors — stemming from a dog's natural instincts — so proper training is crucial. Tips for teaching the bark alert
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The PoliceGrantsHelp staff of grant consultants has teamed with Philips to assemble a comprehensive package of helpful resources specific to AEDs, including: online grant writing, free grant reviews, free sample narratives and custom narratives, discounted grant writing services and grant alerts.
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PoliceOne Member Tip
Hidden information in suspects' cell phones
By Joshua Tudor, PoliceOne Member
Loky Plus allows text messages to be sent and received without going to the normal inbox. It can also hide contacts and scrub your call history. The app is so secure there isn't even an icon or button to push once it's downloaded ... Keeping it confidential
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Simulation Technology Introduces The Ultimate Driving Sim System for LE
Let's start by putting you into the same vehicle you drive every day: Ford Crown Vic, Dodge Charger, Chevy Tahoe. We make the actual vehicle cockpit - and we make it just the way you drive it...with all the needed controls for the true, tactile training that's fundamental to your safety.
Climb into This Sim

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