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Video: Naked illegal immigrant fights cops; Vehicle stops: Have an 'exit' strategy;
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 Video: Naked illegal immigrant fights cops
 Vehicle stops: Have an 'exit' strategy
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Colo. man shot by police after taking hostages
Dozens fled for their lives before an officer fatally shot a man at a Colo. Springs medical building Tuesday.
(ABC Image)
Angry over puppies
Today's Top Stories:
Ammo belt saves NY cop in gun battle: Officer Thomas Richards carried a spare magazine that deflected a bullet
Mich. cop, 29, dies of heart attack while jogging: Andrew Rusticus had been training for an agility test to become a K-9 handler
Calif. officers allegedly tried to frame boss
Report: Robbers wore Hollywood masks to pose as NYPD
Ga. judge brandishes handgun in court
Cop-cadet sex in spotlight after Santa Maria shooting
Interpol says suspected Anonymous hackers arrested
Video: Navy fires test shots from super-powerful gun prototype
Tactical Encounters
Field contacts: Sifting through the layers
By Dan Danaher, PoliceOne Columnist
Field contacts can begin with a consensual conversation and lead into a significant felony arrest, or prevent a crime from ever being committed. How the contacts are initiated — and their success — is determined by the officer’s ability to converse with others ... Starts off small
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On Language, Communication and Leadership
Consider the 'gentle interrogation'
By John Bowden, PoliceOne Contributor
The classic interrogation does not give the subject a choice. It makes the subject concede to the investigator. The investigator states, “You did it,” and demands, requests, or cajoles the subject to agree ... Instead, be a confidant
Naked illegal immigrant fights police
Police in California arrested a nude man who walked into a welding shop and said he was looking for work and "good with his hands."
February's 5 most popular videos
The month's top video shows a tense standoff inside a Minn. police station, made tenser by the chilling effect of the head-worn camera that captured it.
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Tactical Tip
Vehicle stops: Have an 'exit' strategy
By Dan Marcou, PoliceOne Columnist
Every time the door opens on a vehicle contact, it should have the same effect on a street officer as the bell has on a prize fighter. You may not get up swinging, but you should be alert and fully prepared to defend yourself ... What not to miss
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SC Trooper Misses 'Fatal Funnel'; Is Nearly Shot to Death
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