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Video: Moments before fatal crash seen on dash cam; 4 products to consider;
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 Video: Moments before fatal crash seen on dash cam
 4 products to consider
 Print for Roll Call  View Online  Products  Subscribe Week 584March 9, 2012
Dear PoliceOne Member,

I recently had a conversation with a top-tier firearms instructor about an incident he had with one of his students. Without going into details, suffice to say that the observation was made that this student, who is an otherwise top-notch shooter, had a few performance “issues” during training. A quick conversation revealed that the student was using a brand new holster. We’ve said it before, and we’ll probably say it again: when you get any new piece of gear, practice, practice, practice, removing it from, and replacing it to, your duty belt. This goes for all your tools, not just your firearm. As a reminder/reinforcer, I’ve decided to rerun this video tactical tip, first posted almost two years ago. Stay safe folks.

PoliceOne Senior Editor Doug Wyllie
Featured News

Tulsa suspect's brother killed by police in 2005
Investigators said they still didn't know exactly why a man fired a handgun into the air Wednesday afternoon in a crowded plaza. (AP Image)
Suicide by cop?
Today's Top Stories:
Police stymied in IDing dead Pitt clinic gunman: The man had two semiautomatic pistols when he shot seven people
Miss. Supreme Court rules Barbour pardons valid: Haley Barbour, a Republican who once considered running for president, pardoned 198 people
Agent 'shocked' by chats with Mich. militia leader
Prosecutors oppose release of US terror suspect
Family of Marine shot by deputy files claim
Court critical of pink underwear for Ariz. inmates
Va. man sentenced for 25 DUIs in 3 states
Suit filed in teen's encounter with neighborhood watch leader
All Law Enforcement is Local
Distracted driving: If their lips move... detain and ticket?
By Lance Eldridge, PoliceOne Columnist
At the end of last year the federal government’s independent National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) urged all states to enact laws that ban drivers from using cell phones, including wireless headsets or hands-free technology ... Would a ban save lives?
ELSAG Tactical Operations Center™ Saves Critical Time
Part of ELSAG's MPH-900® ALPR system, the Tactical Operations Center™ (TOC™) broadcasts ALPR alarms to Dispatch and other patrol units in real-time so they can respond immediately. TOC™ PLUS works automatically with fixed and mobile MPH-900 ALPR Systems, increasing officer safety and the chance to quickly apprehend offenders.
Start saving time with ELSAG TOC™
PoliceOne Products
Rescue tubes, water bladder replacements, and bike toys
By Tim Dees, PoliceOne Columnist
These three devices are all innovative, but not especially complicated or even related to one another. The first is a life-saving device that will keep you from sinking like a stone while patrolling the water ... Won't weigh you down
Suspect in Mustang flees police
State troopers deployed spike strips, ripping the rubber tires from the vehicle. For the next half hour, the driver continued along the highway on only four rims.
Dash cam shows seconds before fatal crash
Three Ohio sorority sisters were killed when a wrong-way driver crashed into them as they traveled to the airport for a Spring Break trip.
P1 First Person
Developing LE strategies in the cyber jurisdiction
By Detective Robert Kemmet
We use terms like “address, path, route, and site” as we describe the “navigation” of the virtual part of our world. We see the internet more as a place and we act accordingly. But if there is a place, and in this place there are people, then crime is sure to follow. At the speed of thought
Save Money by Making Your Unmarked Cars Visible with Magnetic Decals
Vinyl Graphics offers an inexpensive alternative to marked patrol cars. Magnetic decals are a great way to temporarily mark your cars when needed. With today’s printing technology, we can print high resolution badges and text to match your current graphics. For more information, call Vinyl Graphics at 1-800-521-1884.
Take advantage of the savings today
Video Tactical Tip
Practice drawing your tools
By Dan Marcou
Take the time to practice drawing every tool from your belt. You'll gain a significant tactical edge ... Watch the video
No Other Pistol Offers a Better
Price-Performance Ratio
The new Gen4 has several new features designed to satisfy the most demanding consumers. It is based on a full G17/G22 MBS (multiple backstrap) frame with a reduced Short Frame trigger mechanism housing offering a fully operable pistol. The multiple backstrap system allows the user to change the circumference of the grip to fit their individual hand size.
Learn about additional features at Glock.com
P1 Member Photo of the Week
FHP Camaro

This week's photo comes from Angelo Appi, whose 2002 Florida Highway Patrol Camaro has been fully restored to FHP specs. "It's a real neck breaker," Appi said. "Turns a lot of heads."

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