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Thoughts and advice on off-duty carry; Baltimore PD launches daily newscast;
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PoliceOne Member Newsletter
 Thoughts and advice on off-duty carry
 Baltimore PD launches daily newscast
 Print for Roll Call  View Online  Products  Subscribe Week 588March 19, 2012
Dear PoliceOne Member,

Last week we ran this excellent article by Chuck Remsberg featuring advice offered to LEOs by Chief Bob Paudert for dealing with so-called Sovereign Citizens. Check that out if you haven’t yet done so. In the meantime, I want to let you know that Chief Paudert is presenting a couple of very-low-cost webinars on this topic. Click on over to our friends at LAWS Communications to learn more about those great education opportunities for your department. Finally, you may decide that you want to “like” Chief Paudert on Facebook.

PoliceOne Senior Editor Doug Wyllie
Featured News

'Occupy' anniversary ends in police sweep
With the city's attention focused on the huge St. Patrick's Day parade many blocks uptown, an Occupy rally in NYC on Saturday drew hundreds of people, with many gathering in the park into the evening hours. (AP Image)
Arrests made
Today's Top Stories:
Armed, troubled teen shot after confronting Utah officers: Believed to have made comments that he was 'bent on violence'
Inmate accused of killing Fla. corrections officer: Convicted murderer used handmade shank
Medics honored for saving THP Sgt. in nick of time
'Kill a cop or two' tweet after NY Occupy protest probed
Suspect in shooting accused of selling drugs to undercover officers
Justice buried among untested rape-kit backlog?
Md. cop injured after traffic stop, shooting
Police radio may have broadcast sex in squad car to entire station
Firearms Training
Off-duty carry: Answer these
key questions
By Ron Avery, PoliceOne Columnist
Current thinking seems to be that something is better than nothing — that a small gun in the pocket gives one peace of mind versus carrying nothing at all.
Your choices reflect your values
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Critical Eye on Weapons Technology and Training
Fit for female officers: Ankle
holster checklist
By Tom Marx, PoliceOne Columnist
Out of all the non-waistband concealment holsters, the ankle rig is one of the most popular. A well designed one can carry a medium sized handgun, and it places the gun on the body where most wouldn't look for a firearm. 6 questions
Mustang driver gets arrested mid-burnout
Deputies called out to a local car show arrested a man who nearly hit a pedestrian while burning rubber in the parking lot.
Baltimore police launch daily newscast
The newscast comes as part of a new, virtual front line in Baltimore City's policing strategy. The idea of the new newscast is to interact with the public in any way possible.
The Long Arm of the Law Just Got Longer

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PoliceOne Tip
The passenger-side approach on
car stops
By Dave Akell, PoliceOne Member
The passenger side approach allows you to scan the entire interior of the vehicle before the operator even knows you are there in many cases. You will usually have to knock on the passenger window, often startling the operator. Better them than you.
More tips
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