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When a good guy becomes a bad guy; Reducing LEO deaths and injuries on roadways;
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 When a good guy becomes a bad guy
 Reducing LEO deaths and injuries on roadways
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Featured News

Chief killed, 4 officers shot in NH
A police chief — just four days from retirement — was killed and four detectives from other departments injured in a shooting that prompted an overnight standoff that plunged a small town into fear and grief. (Image AP) Suspect found dead
Today's Top Stories:
Gunman who killed Calif. deputy presumed dead in fire: Blaze erupted hours after a deputy and a civilian were killed
Video: Retired cop kills pharmacy robber: Retired NYPD lieutenant filling tank at BP station when saw gunman, sprang into action
Ohio police kill triple shooting suspect at Cracker Barrel
Man killed by LAPD dropped from Explorer program
Affidavit: Zimmerman did not use racial slur
Man charged with 11 felonies in 9 hours
FBI seeks shooter in Alaska Coast Guard deaths
Ind. man shot marshal before being killed
Police save UK woman's invisible writing
Blue on Blue Special Report
Reactions to a cop-on-cop shooting
By Dr. Laurence Miller, P1 Columnist
For an officer who has been faced with no choice but to take down one of their own, the experience is different from the typical officer-involved shooting (OIS). These "secondary victims" react and cope in a number of ways, with the first emotion being fear. Next comes anger
When it Matters Most...
...Show what really happened. TASER International’s AXON Flex point-of-view camera represents the next evolution in on-officer cameras. Having a recording of the officer’s perspective reduces complaints, reduces frivolous litigation, and increases officer efficiency. AXON Flex uniquely delivers this value by providing functionality that exhibits unmatched flexibility, streamline workflows, and the support of over 15 years of serving the law enforcement community.
Learn more about AXON Flex at www.TASER.com/flex
Police Driving: Safety Behind the Wheel
Tipping point: Reducing LEO deaths and injuries on roadways
By Capt. Travis Yates, P1 Columnist
A few can change everything: if you are reading this, you are a part of the few. At no time in our history have so many worked toward one common goal. Be a part of the history that folks will be talking about for generations to come. Hope is needed
Man texting almost walks into bear
Forget distracted driving - this man was so distracted by texting while walking that he nearly runs into a bear.
Police rescue injured bald eagle
Police section off and protect an injured bald eagle after it fell from the sky during a fight with another bird.
P1 First Person
Life after the promotional process
By John Bermel, P1 Member
We are all called to serve for a particular purpose. You didn't win a contest, you earned a promotion. What happened leading to the decision was not a statement of preference over other people. This is a matter of fit — fit for a particular time or place. It's OK to celebrate

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Firearms Training: Fundamentally Sound
Practice with your weapon
By Chris Cerino, P1 Contributor
Be better prepared for the street by taking just a couple of moments before every shift to practice some basic weapons manipulations. Watch the video
Calibre Press Training Made For You!
Calibre Press offers agencies and organizations the opportunity to sponsor customized seminars tailored to their specific training needs. Courses available for customization include: Street Survival, Leadership Tactics, Gang Survival, Drug Diversion and much more. Each program offers a unique and individualized format and is GSA approved.
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PoliceOne Photo of the Week
Lawton Motor Unit

This week's photo comes from Kurt Short, who writes: "This is a photo of the Lawton Police Department Motor Unit, taken July of 2011."
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