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Dangers of facial recognition software; Fond flights and air intercepts;
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 Dangers of facial recognition software
 Fond flights and air intercepts
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Featured News

20 years since Rodney King riot
The acquittal of four police officers in the Rodney King case sparked rioting that spread across Los Angeles and into neighboring suburbs. Before order was restored, 55 people were dead and 2,300 injured. (Image AP)
Fueling the fire
Today's Top Stories:
Suspended NJ cop: I was stopping 'excessive force': Conflicting accounts of what happened emerged Wednesday
ACLU sues Border Patrol over traffic stops: Says people are being pulled over and questioned "without reasonable suspicion"
Atlanta-area PD, ICE arrest illegal-immigrant gang members
Police: Video captures 'dumb criminal'
Couple in trouble after calling 911 for dog
Wireless providers to disable stolen phones
Death penalty support shifts, opposition finds hope in Conn. action
NY cops fire 84 shots at suspect, who lives
Klugie's Correctional Corner
Value of complete public transparency
By Gary Klugiewicz, PoliceOne Columnist
Our actions are now immortal and capable of being viewed forever on the Internet, and never before has the need for professional police conduct been more important. If you don’t want to be seen on YouTube, do a great job: those kinds of videos don't usually go viral. Creating a buzz
The Long Arm of the Law Just Got Longer
HP stands for high-powered. The TLR-1 HP series produce a long-range targeting beam that reaches 400+ meters!
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Below the Radar
Fond flights and air intercepts
By John Hall, PoliceOne Contributor
There may never be a time you as a law enforcement pilot will need to contact a military aircraft. Some military pilots may have never considered having police pilots assist them and thought it impossible. Believe it or not
Suspected Mich. killer escapes handcuffs
A suspected killer uses a smuggled key to unlock his handcuffs and briefly escapes from police custody.
Cops pepper spray unruly Md. college students
Officers follow training protocols when using pepper spray against a crowd of unruly students.
PoliceOne First Person
Blue Blood
By Kenneth DeLand, PoliceOne Member
Sanity might say it's insane to put on a bulletproof vest, don a web belt bearing a handgun, 52 bullets, a rifle with 100 rounds plus, a TASER with 50,000 volts, pepper spray, an Asp, and handcuffs to do one's job everyday. But we do it
UC’s Top Ranked Master’s Degree Is Now Accepting Applications for Fall
With a University history dating back to 1819, the University of Cincinnati Master of Science in Criminal Justice has graduated more than 1500 students in its ten year history online. Regionally accredited, affordable, and 100% online, UC is the highest ranked school offering an online master's degree in criminal justice.
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Video Tip
Dangers of facial recognition software
By Doug Wyllie, Editor in Chief
Facial recognition programs can identify images of an individual, and in the hands of a bad guy, that information can be a real problem. Sensitive business
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P1 Photo of the Week
New K-9 trainees

This week's photo comes from Hugh Bohannon, who is pictured with the department's new K-9 officers, Rogue and Ranger, who are 8 weeks old and starting their training this month.
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