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Firearms Review: The Kimber Solo; Using the OODA Cycle to be mentally prepared;
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 Firearms Review: The Kimber Solo
 Using the OODA Cycle to be mentally prepared
 Print for Roll Call  View Online  Products  Subscribe Week 593April 30, 2012
Featured News

NYC officials sue police over Occupy response

Four lawmakers sued the city Monday over its handling of the Occupy Wall Street protests, saying police conduct is so problematic that the force needs an outside monitor. (Image AP) "Unlawful conduct"

Today's Top Stories:
Ala. police chief discovers department owns drones: The revelation came to light after the Federal Aviation Administration released a list of agencies certified to fly drones
Suspect killed by Ga. officers was pointing rifle when shot: Deer rifle with scope leveled at police as suspect approached
Officer honored for halting vicious assaults
Debate rages over severity of child-porn sentences
Seattle police want to videotape protests, ask for change in city law
Police blow mtn. bunker, find man dead
Activists on trial for arrests during NYPD protest
NH trooper traveling with gov. rescues man in crash
Editor's Corner
Mayday! Preparing for Occupy 2.0
By Doug Wyllie, Editor in Chief
The Occupy movement has called for "A Day Without the 99%" on May 1st. More worrisome is the fact that certain offshoot elements are vowing to use "new tactics" to "communicate" their message.
Mayhem on May Day?
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Firearms Corner
Firearms Review: The Kimber Solo
By Ron Avery, PoliceOne Columnist
The Kimber Solo is high quality, functions reliably with a variety of loads in 9mm, and is snag free and corrosion resistant. It can slip easily into a pocket, complementing a primary firearm quite well.
Evaluation and critique
Top 5 popular police videos of April
An officer shot in the face is forced to fend for himself after onlookers do nothing to help is just one of this month's top police videos.
Umpire tackles Orioles streaker diving into home plate
An umpire lends stadium security a hand in controlling a streaking fan who had gotten onto the field.
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Blue on Blue
Mental preparation for a worst-case scenario
By James Kimsey, PoliceOne Member
The most valuable way to prepare for any lethal force incident is mental preparation. Visualize the event in order to consider all potential aspects and thus stay on the ball in any confrontation. The OODA Cycle
Full-time Law Enforcement Instructor Needed
Minnesota West Community and Technical College seeks a Law Enforcement Instructor dedicated to excellence in teaching who desires to become part of a creative, vibrant, student-centered learning community. We are seeking an individual who is dedicated to teaching, is committed to students, student learning, and student success.
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Product News
Gamber-Johnson Introduces Solution for Ford Utility Police Interceptor

GSSF to Hold Second Annual Ladies-Only Match
[Glock, Inc.]
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