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Mental toughness and the power to adapt; Check cordless power tools for contraband;
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 Mental toughness and the power to adapt
 Check cordless power tools for contraband
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Featured News

Dying Colo. boy, 12, sworn in as police officer
Jose Rubio-Pavon, diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor, was sworn in as a city's youngest officer during a special ceremony in his hospice room Thursday. (Brighton Police Image) Welcome to the force
Today's Top Stories:
Chicago police supt. on the front lines at riots: City's top cop personally escorted one alleged offender to officers
Tenn. officer killed in on-duty crash:
Cruiser struck a utility pole, investigation by highway patrol is underway

Maine PDs have difficulty recruiting officers
Man in custody for killing of Okla. parole officer
Video: NYPD officer rants at men
Even after being shot, suspect keeps beating Pa. officer
NY cops: Woman speeds off in ambulance, crashes
Tenn. police chief shot during heist
Crowd Control
Observe Occupy: Watch the tactical evolution of their 'revolution'
By Dan Marcou, PoliceOne Columnist
What is for Chicago an incredible challenge is an opportunity for every other officer to set their DVRs on record and note how the competing — peaceful versus violent — protest groups operate. Signs to watch for
Introducing the New 2011 Chevy Caprice 3P
X-Treme Seat
Laguna Manufacturing, Inc. would like to introduce their new 2011 Chevy Caprice 3P X-Treme seat with the optional 3P Seat Belt system. The 3P Seat Belt system offers safe buckling of the prisoner from the outboard sides of the vehicle, which stops the officer from having to lean over the prisoner to fasten them in. All 3P X-Treme seating is covered with a 5yr warranty.
Enhance officer and detainee safety with the 3P X-Treme
Staying Oriented
Mental toughness and adaptation
By Fred Leland, PoliceOne Contributor
At times we find the ability to adapt difficult, and tend to feel we are making this change only for others — be it a friend or an adversary. But adaptation can help lead to deescalation and peaceful resolution.
Long-term benefits
Police arrest polar bear in Mercedes
An officer in plainclothes pulls over the driver of a Mercedes Benz, who emerges wearing a polar bear suit.
Police pepper-spray bar patrons
Police used pepper spray inside a Montreal bar the day after violent protests ended in a series of street fires.
With irTactical, Your Training Rises to the
Next Level
Welcome to the future of force-on-force tactical training. The ultra-realistic irTactical system allows complete training ANYWHERE. Law enforcement training programs will benefit from lower training costs, more efficient activity, and better crisis preparedness. Stop simulating real world scenarios and begin replicating them. Made possible only with irTactical.
See how you can elevate your training standards
Member Tip
Check cordless power tools for contraband
By Deputy "Dan", PoliceOne Member
When searching a drug house or place where contraband may be, check out the cordless power tools that may be around. Take out the battery if it's in the tool. Hidden space inside
Get the Law Enforcement Credit You Deserve
Thomas Edison State College gives you generous credits for college-level knowledge you've gained through state police basic training, municipal police basic training and approved FEMA training. Start anytime. Apply those credits while earning your associate's, bachelor's or master's degree or graduate certificate and take your courses online at your own pace.
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Product News
10-8 Video In Car Video Systems Get Positive Response from LEOs
[10-8 Video]

RoboteX Announces "AVOS" — the Avatar Robotic Operating System
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